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Short Cycle PCT

I’m about to start my first short cycle after doing many of the traditional 10-12 week cycles. what would be considered proper PCT for a shorter cycle? my cycle is going to be 4 weeks long consisting of
100mgs tren ED
100mgs winny ED
30mgs anavar ED

thanks for the help

Personally, I would run a regular PCT with either Clomid or Nolva. Even though the cycle is short you still want to make sure your boys come back to life and that you keep your gains.

A bit off-track here, but why are you running winny and var together? Seems to me like you good drop the var and save some cash. Not to mention 30mg/ed is pretty low for var.

Bro, I would drop the anavar and include 15-20mg dianabol/d instead. This dose will not give much h20 retention, and will still be enough to exert it’s effects via the glucocorticoid receptor.

I would choose clomid for your pct. Run 100mg/d for 3 weeks and then run tribulus,avena,zma,etc for the 4th week and then you should be good to start up again.