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Short Cycle of Anadrol?

What do you guys think about a short 2 week cycle of Anadrol? I was thinking 100mgs per day for 2 weeks… (stats 27yrs, 6’1", 205lbs, 13%bf, training consistent for 2 years)

Anadrol-alone doesn’t do too much for me
but for some others it has. I don’t know
anyone who’s tried only 2 weeks of it, and
those who went longer and were using moderate
doses like only 50 mg/day, I don’t think
much had happened by the 2 week point.

Anadrol, by itself (without testosterone being
taken) is actually not that bad on the liver.
If I were doing your cycle I would do it
with 150 mg/day, probably as 1 tab on arising
and then 1/2 tab every 4 hours or so after
that. It would be interesting to know what
your results are.

With only Anadrol, you won’t need an

If you do get nipple soreness – I mean
REAL, DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL nipple soreness,
not the psychosomatic “It does seem like
maybe my nipples are getting sore… when
I pinch them it does hurt, probably more
than it would have before the cycle” kind
of thing which is meaningless – then stop

If possible, Anadrol plus Winstrol would
be a nicer stack. Anadrol plus oxandrolone
is pretty effective too, but oxandrolone
is usually just too expensive.

Injecting a gram of Primo on day 1, then
200 mg twice a week until the middle of week
2, would add to results nicely also.