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Short cycle help

I want to do a 2-3 week on short cycle.
Here is what I have
17 amp sustanon
150 dbol
12 amps primo
plenty of deca.
2 bottles of androsol
2 bottles aratest
118 proviron
plenty of clomid

What ones should I use and any dosages suggestions? Also I’ve done 1 4 week cycle in my life of deca/dbol and I got a blood clot from deca, so I’m not sure I should use it again. Any idea on doses either? Also, when should clomid be started on this type of cycle and at what dose? Thanks for any help.

heres what I’d do. only stay on 2weeks, then go 3-4 weeks off then repeat. do 750or1000mg sustanon on day1. then primo at 1000mg on day1, and perhaps 400 more on day 4. then 30-50mg dbol a day.