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Short Cycle Bridge for Old Guy?


I ll give you guys stats and goals first and then get to the proposed cycles and questions.
im 44 years old been working out since high school and have done around 10 -15 cycles since playing ball in college. The above cycles were pretty traditional 8-10 weeks in duration with a t base and 1 or two other compounds usualy injects but sometimes n oral thrown in. im 6'2 220 relatively lean.
Just a few side notes first:

  • I have had no real significant health issues from gear
  • I have had several serious injuries that required surgery- caused in part by the strength gains which causd discs tendons and joints to lift more weight than they were enginered to do.

  • so young guys be careful, you will get old I know you won t listen, because I didn't but just be aware
    -I have three kids gear did not effect having them
    -after 5 surgeries in 5 years I can say that while recovering and shrinking up, knowing the next cycle would get me back was very reasuring and got me through-injuries suck!
    -deca dick is real- I finally got a shot at this hot trainer at my gym the evenrude wouldn t crank up-i still see here and feel like an idiot...

-get blood work done both while your on and off
- test taper for pct works best for me
* if done correctly gear is the best drug going. use it properly,learn as much as you can and contrary to what the media says it will keep you healthy and strong.

ok, recently I got blood work done while on. It was 7 weeks into a npp tpp and d ball cycle.(d ball for 1st 4 weeks only) the only thing out of wack was my lipid profile. nothing crazy but elevated, which is of concern at my age.. liver panel was all normal

a recent post about short cycles stated they really help with your lipid profil and with some of the bloat(my face usally gets a little bloated even with an AI.0

so here is what im thinking:

weeks 1-3
test prop-100 mg ed
tren a-50-75 mg ed
aromisin 15mg eod dostinex 0.5 twice a week

weeks 3-6
-anavar 40 mg ed
-clen taper up to 60 mcg for two weeks

QUESTION- this should not supress the hpta yet keep me in an anabolic state correct?

weeks 6-9
-npp 400 mg
-tpp 400 mg
-winstol 50 mg ed
-aromisin 15 mg eod, dostiex 0.5 twice a week

weeks 9-12
-anavar 30-50 mg ed
-eca stack

  • take 4 weeks off
    -may run hcg 500 iu'ed while on
    -may run gh 4 iu's 2 on 2 off throughout

I hope this will yield lean gains, go easy on the lipid profile, and reduce bloat...


U have to understand, even though you are using a 'light' anabolic during your 'off' time you are still on. You will still experience HPTA suppression, anavar is pretty well know for negatively impacting the lipid profile.

What exactly are you looking for on here as a response? I have never used HGH, but every thing I read says to have the best gains you want to use it preferably for 6 months or longer, as well as administering it intramuscularly which is contrary to how it has tradiontally been taken.

Thank you for stating your experience. How strong were you prior to having all of your injuries? I was able to bench mid-300's and squat/deadlift close to 500lbs each prior to ever taking any AAS.


Your Anavar weeks are not off. It will keep you suppressed. This is a 12 Week cycle, with half of the time on a minimally effective dose of a relatively weak oral.

IMO, you should turn this into a 3 on 3 off scheme. I would drop the Anavar in off weeks, and put in 1-2 weeks of SERM use in the range of 20mg of Nolva or 50mg of Clomid, followed by a week off of everything. I doubt you will lose a whole lot of momentum in between cycles.

THEN, add a third 3 week cycle of 100mg/day Anavar, followed by a SERM pct and 6 weeks off. I think you will see better results from this, and do less HPTA damage. I know you said a test taper works best for you, but I don't know if its relevant to these sorts of short cycles.

500iu/day HCG is relatively high. Even half that is a good dose. I'd knock that down. It probably won't kill you, but there's theories out there about Leydig cell desensitization, and I'd try to avoid it.

I know doo doo about GH, so I won't comment.

Oh yeah... I'm also a fan of Food PCT. This means keep eating like you're on in the off periods, and you're likely to keep most of your gains.


Mmm Im not a fan of bridges and like OTS1 and idowhatican said above, your idea would be like a 12 week cycle.

What I did like for myself (and im not recommending this but just giving information) is like half a bridge.

For example:

Instead of 10 weeks on, 10 bridge, 10 on (which I wouldnt do unless pro whats the point).


10 weeks on, 10 off, 10 on.

I did something similar to 10 weeks on, 5 of very low suppression (ie 10mg morning dbol), 5 off, 10 on.

I do believe in HPTA recovery and this worked in my case but won't in everyones.

After a 10 week cycle at 44 years of age I would myself be focusing on PCT regaining normal HPTA function test levels and retaining gains more importantly than probably gaining on cycle (or just as much).

For this reason, maybe 2 on 2 off with nolva pct inbetween and run over a longer period of time (2 on/off back to back for maybe 16 weeks) i believe when all is said and done proper pct, you should have virtually no suppression post cycle which means maximum gains kept.

I will be 30 soon and think after the cut cycle im on now i will only do 2 on 2 off from now on.

But I will see how i go.


thanks guys, back to the drawing board.
as far as amount weight lifted I believe its relative. I am probably 30lbs over my designed weight. meaning if I never worked out I would weigh approx 185. I was doing shruggs with 4 plates aside and behind the neck militay with 2 plates aside. bench was in the high 3,s deads in the 4's ect. IMO its like supercharging a car, you increase the performance but stress the engine. some engines will huold up and others won't. Y the time you find out your having discs replaced and tendons reattached.


Thanks for the reply. I would ideally like to do a blast and cruise from here on out. I have my kids so not worried obout having more. Stay on year long at hrt dosages say 150 mg te and then bump it up for six weeks on 6 weeks off.Do you think lipids would return to normal during the cruise portion?
as far as recovery its tough as you get older. when I was in my 20's i knew nothing about pct just did a cycle and stopped, and was fine . now I m not sure I can ever get back to baseline. Which is relative as well at 44,one may have low or lower test levels naturally
Blood work while on showed test levels at 1500 ng/dl with normal levels being 320 to 840.After a six week stasis period and during the gradule weekly decrease using clomid, its been eight weeks and t level was 253. still low.