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Short Cycle Alternatives


Hey gang,

I've been doing 3-weekers with 1G of Propianate/ 500Mg Tren per week. I'm know that the Tren needs at least 4 weeks to muster up.

What can I replace the Tren with that would kick in faster and make more sense??

My goals are just to be Men's Fitness cover fit looking. Not a meathead.


get a hold of some Turabolin...


How would Turabolan fit into the above cycle? And how is it better than Tren? If you don't mind?


Why would you think Tren takes time to muster? If you're using Tren Acetate and assuming ED shots your blood levels are pretty much stable half way through the first week. The stuff starts working as soon as it hits your system, there's not really a magic number. . .



I've read on several posts that Tren needs 4 weeks for effectiveness.


If you using Tren E then you might be correct but Tren A is virtually the same day....an alternative might be NPP...or Bold Prop if you can handle the sides, never did it, but I love NPP.


I have read posts from users who believe this. It just is not true though.

This has been my experience as well. I can raise or lower my dosage daily and can tell on that day.


Jeff, what gains have you made doing the 3-week cycle you mentioned above? Also, what were your stats before doing


Tren is a bitch to recover from and thus a poor choice for short cycles. You should feel the hardness in days.



I have been using these cycles (2 so far) as cutters. I started at 5-11 and 212 lbs with 11% bf and am now at 206 lbs at 8.9%

I think the Prop caused me to hold a little water during the 3 weeks though because I get leaner in the 3 week breaks with the Nolva.


Big Dave,

Do you have any alternatives to Tren to recommend for this?


Even with short cycles you're going to get shut down regardless of what you use so you might as well use Tren.

Heck 6 weeks of supraphysiological test isn't going to let anything keep working so don't worry about it.



My opinion is that the physiques that you see on the cover of men's health,men's fitness, etc are NATURAL physiques...these guys probably hover around 190-210...so i guess my question is why are you using gear for such modest goals? especially the amt of gear you're using...I have done short cycles myself,,,I ran 200mg prop/wk next to 350mg npp/wk...and I should probably mention that I'm about 50lbs heavier than you and a few points lower, just to give you an indication of how little of a role gear plays...just be patient, it will come



well said mk. tren is great and i love it. it kicked in fast for me as did the test prop. but if i were trying to do what you are doing then i'd go with winstrol, primo, anavar, or maybe deca or equipose to harden up. consider some clenbuteral also. mk said it best though.


Catslayer, has the tren affected your endurance in anyway?


I hope you didn't mean Clenbuterol concurrent with AAS.

It creates and enviroment well suited for cardiac problems. Pretty risky.

Clen, any way you slice it, is pretty risky IMO. Especially to one that is ignorant and using it.



So you lost 5lbs of fat and 1 lbs of LBM! (If my math is correct.)

That could have been achived without AAS.