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Short Cycle Advice

Hey Guys,

Ok, The truth is that I can get Deca ( norma) straight from the factory through a relative who is a chemist. That is why I would be using deca in my cycles. Free is hard to beat. As i stated in my last post At the most I will be doing 250mg of test Prop, or Enanthate.What kind of short cycles do you recomend ( anyone with this kind of experience) that would give me some good overall results in strength/mass?


Not too be rude but general rule of thumb round here is to post what YOU’VE come up with through your own research of other’s past cycles, and writer’s articles on this board. Steroids for Dummies (no I’m not breaking your balls), Cy wilson, Brock Strasser, etc. are all good sources to educate yourself. BTW if by short you mean a 2-3 weeker (ie. 2on 4off) then deca isn’t the best of choices, but I believe it CAN still be used. Post your own idea of a cycle and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

However, I do realize that P-22 may answer this before my post even goes up. Either way it’s better to do your own “leg work” IMO.

dude after reading your other post man you just stayed on too high of test for too long for yourself. Also you might have had too much deca. I have a friend who will never do over 600mg deca and he has been juicing for a good 10 years.

With what you want to do now you can go as low as 3 shot a week of 100mg each of prop and 300-400mg per of deca and you should have a pretty good cycle. But deca is deffinantly better for longer cycles since it sticks around so long unless you can get NPP.

I will have more time tonight to write more on this for you but, hopefully P22 will chime in and tell you how to do Deca with some proviron instead of test.

Wideguy, Darkangel, Thanks for the input. Darkangel I would appreciate any other input on the Deca/Proviron cycle you mentioned. Thanks


All I know about proviron is that is a dht based drug that would keep your dick useable while on with out having to use test and that it has some anti estrogenic properties.
But I only know about this through what I have heard on this board from P22 that is why I was hoping he would chime in and help you out.
Also your title says short cycle advice. The only problem with that is deca is not for short cycles. Even if you stop after 2 injections you will be on for atleast 3 weeks. So this is really not a drug geared towards short cycles besides, if you are getting it for free use the stuff be creative and get on some 10-12 weeks cycles and get some killer gains off of your free gear.