Short Cycle Advice

Hey, starting a cycle in a month or two, and I’m trying for a new approach. Last time, I ran Sustanon/Deca/Dbol cycle for 10 weeks. I dropped the Dbol after 5, and the deca after 8. The sides were extreme, so I wanted to try a new method.

Additionally, I’m trying to focus on a couple key areas (chest, shouders, arms) instead of a whole-body bulk. I’m going to focus on these every day, and cycle through the rest of my body during the week so everything is balanced out. I’m also not looking for huge gains all at once: if this is an effective, clean, “small bulk” cycle, I’ll repeat it. I just wanted to get some critique and thoughts on the cycle.

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: 30
BF%: ca. 16-18% (no gym for 3 months because of a broken foot)
*Cycle #4
Sedentary job

*Cycles have included: Test E (1), Sustanon, Tren E., Test Prop (2), Sustanon, Deca, Dbol (3)


Frontload week 1:
500mg deca and test e. e4d

Frontload week 2 & Cycle week 1:
250mg deca and test e. e4d, 60mg Tbol ed, 100mg test prop. ed

Cycle week 2-3:
100mg test prop. eod, 60mg Tbol ed

Cycle week 4:
100mg test prop. eod.

Letrozole; .5 mg e3d
Pramipexole; .25-.5 mg ed
Nolva: on hand if needed (in addition to pct doses)

Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: [100/75(3/4 days)]/50/50/25

Nutrition (raw ingredients only):
40/40/20 based on 3,500 Calories, 6 meals

Whole wheat bread
Brown rice
whole wheat pasta
Greek Yogurt (plain, not-fat)
Whey (early am, pre/post workout)
Raw fruit (lots of berries & citrus)
Raw vegetables (lots of colorful stuff)
Water (minimum 1.5 gallons)
Peanut butter
Raw nuts
Green tea
Black coffee (minimal)

OTC supplements:
Complex multivitamin 2Ã?/day
1g BCAAs 4x/day
1g vitamin C (chewable) am/post/pm
Creatine (20g days 1-5, 5g/day for two weeks after cycle)
Vitamin B complex 2Ã?/day
Fish Oil with every meal
Melatonin 5mg chewable (for any sleeping troubles)

I prefer a shorter cycle for lower side effects (already mentioned) and faster recovery time. I’m willing to have more pins than the sides from before and extended recovery. Also, it’s less noticeable to family, friends, and coworkers.

Is this a joke?

you’re a fat 175 lbs after 4 cycles, including at least 1 with tren. I think it’s safe to say that your friends will never, ever be able to notice that you use steroids. In fact, I bet if you told them, they would think you were lying.

The broken foot and sedentary job excuse were a nice touch though. Totally explains why you’re fat, small, and weak.

I stopped reading after height, weight, bf%

Seriously, how much did you gain on cycle? You should be able to gain at least 25-30lbs in the first month of a cycle. Do you even lift?

ignore hate, this cycle is poorly planned. Deca needs to be ran 12 weeks. Do not front load either. cycle is to short, 6 weeks min even if just using test