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Short Cycle Advice? Only 35 Days

I would like to do a short blast before a trip, unfortunately I only have 35 days.

My goals are mainly to add a little mass and dropping some BF%.

My stats are
5ft 9
12% bf

Done around 6 cycles over the past 8 years, currently on TRT 100mg per week split into 2 doses.

I’m thinking, keep my TRT test E dose the same and add Test prop 100mg EOD and also take 30mg Dbol per day.

I know Dbol causes a lot of water retention so it’s not ideal for cutting but if I drop it 5 days before I leave I expect the water to drop off as I also use a sauna most days.

Up my Ai due to Dbol and extra test

Anything I’m missing?

I know 4 weeks is short and my previous cycles have all been 12 week minimum but I should see an ok change on body composition right?

I plan to train each body part twice a week, cardio 3 times and ju jitsu is 2 times a week too so plenty of exercise.

Keep TRT test and use Tren Ace and Anavar.