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Short Cutting Cycles

does short cutting works?
or does your body fatten you back up when you hit bulking to retain it’s previous stable structure?

I’m talking about either days , weeks , or hours.


Yes, it’s very effective and I don’t think there are any downsides to cutting for brief periods, e.g. only a week at a time or even only a few days, providing it’s still proper nutrition and not a muscle-destroying overly-crash diet.

Besides the potential downside of simply not having enough dieting days within a given larger time frame, if that’s the case.

Hours, that’s fine also given that the nutrition is still adequate as opposed to being starvation periods of a few hours, which seems counterproductive compared to modest, decent intake and seems to have the risk you suggest of the body compensating by wanting to crash the fat back on later. (

That problem is why eating appropriately say 6x/day gives much better bb’ing results than eating the same total calories over only 1 or meals per day.)