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Short Bulking Cycle?

Hey guys,

I would like to know what do you think about short bulking cycles.
Test e 500mg - 6 weeks
Anadrol 50g - 4 weeks (first 4 weeks)
Test e 200mg - 6 weeks

Blast: (contest prep)


Weight: 93kg lean (89kg shredded)
Height: 181cm
TRT 2 years
Competing 3 years
Lifting 10 years
Bloods done every 3 moths


There is no point running long ester test for a short cycle. It will just be kicking when youre almost done.

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Yea that’s exactly what I thought. I got this advice from one competitor. He actually told me to do break only 3 weeks and then cutting cycle. But I think 3 weeks as transition between cycles is too short.
What do u you think?

If you are not on TRT then you should break at least an equal time to the length you were on cycle. Run your PCT etc. You can run shorter cycles but test P is the choice for that and usually something like 100mg EOD.

that only matters if he comes completely off. If he’s blasting and cruising, it’s totally fine.

It takes longer to kick in, but it also lasts for awhile after he comes off. The effective cycle length is still 6 weeks. It’s just a delayed 6 week period compared to something like test P.

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based on what? bro science? time on = time off is the most bizarre concept that people seem to use. There’s no actual reason behind this other than simplicity. I’m convinced that the best course is to get regular bloodwork, and that once bloodwork looks good, you are in a position to start a new cycle.


Sorry but you should read whole post becaouse I wrote about my stats that I’m on TRT for 2 years. Also I’m active competitor so there is no point coming off. Blood test is done every 3 months.

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your opinion had so much scientific evidence behind it. You love to ream people and then do the exact same thing… give your opinion only yours is better of course. You da man!

You’re suggesting that going off bloodwork involves the same amount of science that ‘time on/ time off’ does?

Not going to get in a debate with you because I clearly didn’t say that. You love to mince words.

here’s the thing. I can go into detail about why bloodwork numbers matter. I can go through a list of 20 different values that I’d look at. And I can tell you why each one is important. It can be explained by data.

Can you explain why time on/time off makes sense?


I’m not mincing any words. you said this:

no mincing words, that’s a direct quote. You’re saying my suggestion has the same amount of science behind it as yours does. And I don’t agree.

Absolutely I can but again you just love to one up and argue which is not helpful. There are a myriad of benefits for your body coming off cycle. Your body isn’t meant to run hormones period let alone frequently. Looks at the studies and effects on the heart alone. You don’t think cycling without break makes a difference? Whatever dude.

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the please proceed with the explanation, as it relates to someone who blasts and cruises.

Is this correct? I asked someone the other day but couldn’t get a definitive answer. I have never used over 100mg a week (other than to get my e2 up) but would like to start with a small “blast” the shorter the better. Just so I can get my bearings . On TRT.

With a 6 week blast, would getting mid blast labs matter? As far as for HCT/HGB? or would I just get the labs after I’m done? (I guess what I’m asking is : Does your HCT/HGB go up in that short amount of time, enough for it to be a concern?)

I would probably start low, maybe even with 250-300 a week to start, to see how I react.

depends. the information you’d be able to get from labs would be applicable to future cycles, not the current one. There just wouldn’t be enough time to change anything. What I would do is get bloodwork at the end of the cycle, to see what it looks like at its worst. You can use that information to plan your next cycle.

It would also make sense to get labs again 4-5 weeks post cycle to see if/ how fast you’ve recovered (if any values are out of range). If your blood test at the end of the cycle looks really good, I don’t see a reason to get the second test, but if you seem some things that are concerning you, the second test would make sense.

But, all that being said…

that’s not a blast. I think you’re using terminology wrong.

Blast and cruise refer to always being on some level of testosterone, and just changing the dose. So you basically cruise at around TRT levels (some people prefer higher), and then the blast is when you add in other compounds, raise test levels, etc.

Are you on TRT? If not, then there is no such thing as a blast. It’s just a cycle, and then you come off completely. When you use the term blast, people assume that you’re always on. I’m assuming that’s not the case, since you’re calling 250-300 a blast. A more typical blast/cruise protocol would be, say… 750-1000 test on a blast, and then cruising anywhere from 150-400.

Thanks for the reply. I thought I was clear, maybe I wasn’t. I AM on TRT. and have only ever used 100mg. So 250 would be an increase for me. Cruise at 100mg. TRT has made me hypersensitive to just about everything. I wanted to start at a low dose, just to gauge my bodies response. That’s why I was asking if 6 weeks was enough time. I understand that is a very low dose for a “blast” @flipcollar

Again, thanks for the reply.

i get it now.

That’s just such a low blast, I figured it was possible you weren’t already on TRT. Just couldn’t remember, so I had to ask.

We’re good now :slight_smile:

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This is what I was planning on doing. Thanks.