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Short Breaks for a Recharge

Its amazing how ridiculously intense the workouts are after a short break. I had a semi-busy weekend and also ended up getting a little cold. So I hadn’t lifted since Friday and today was my first day back. It was chest/tri day and the session was an absolute killer.

I did a ridiculous amount of volume. It was a higher rep session (10-15 reps) and supposed to be 3 sets and maybe a warm-up. I ended up doing 5 and sometimes 6 sets. I just didnt want to stop. Blood must have found extra reserves in my muscles because the cool down stretching I have been doing was impossible.

Over the head stretch was laughable. I could barely raise it let alone get my front delts to allow any amount of stretch. The arm across the chest stretch was ridiculous. I was lucky if I it moved 10 degrees past being extend straight out.

These are the type of workouts that get me coming back. These are the type of workouts I love and strive for. If you feel like your workouts have lost some of their excitement take a short break and recharge those batteries. I know it works wonders for me!

Jim Wendler definitely hit the nail on the head when he wrote ‘Deload to Reload’.

I’m glad to hear you had such a great work out.

I’ve always been the opposite. If I haven’t lifted in a few days, then the first day back is typically so shitty that I usually end up doing a heavy warm up and a working set or two before deciding to fuck it and go home.

The second workout after a layoff is the big bounce-back day for me.