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Short Break

Wondering how beneficial or detrimental it is to take a week off? I have been going very hard for about 9 months without a break with great results. I havent been in the gym since Saturday however because I felt like it would be good to give my body a short break. I plan on starting back on Monday of next week.

I am sure it is no big deal but how many of you practice taking a week off every 6 months or so?

Stay strong,


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I read somewere (maybe here) that you can maintain your current musclemass by training only time per week, However I never understood that.
I betcha you are going to say you will take a week off but in 3 days you will miss it and head back to the gym!

Yea I have been missing the gym since my soreness went away from my heavy DL day. I did a bit of cardio yesterday and am thinking I may do some light work today and tomorrow. In the past I have always backed off after 6 months of heavy lifting, laziness, injury. I started back up about 9 months ago after a 1.5 year layoff because of nerve injury. Now after 9 months I feel great and am stronger and bigger than I have ever been.

I think these week breaks will help prevent injury for me at least. Thanks for your responses.

I’ve got one planned for my week at the beach coming this summer. Some light cycling and walking on the beach will be about it for activity for me, other than chasing my son and daughter.

I know I will miss the tension relief I get from the workouts, but know my body needs the rest.