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Short Beginner Cycles?

Is there any point of doing a short Test E cycle (6 weeks, instead of 12) at all, or the period is too short to be bring about any lasting gains?

What is the point not to run the normal 12 weeks and reap the optimal benefits?

Time-restricted, sadly.

So why not wait til you have the proper time?

It’s a long-story, to keep it short - I wouldn’t bother with steroids in a country where they’re illegal. If 6 week cycle can bring about some results, then I’m good with it, if not I wouldn’t bother with steroids at all.

I think it’s probably best to just avoid them with that kind of mentality. I’m not saying your wrong for thinking like that I just don’t think it’s a good fit. As well as the gear you then have a post cycle therapy session as well. That’s another 4 weeks that involve illegal drugs.

But to get to your exact question I don’t think the very little gains you will get in 6 weeks will outweigh the shutting down of your natural testosterone and the risk that come with it.

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I thought so too, but decided to ask for a final consideration. Thanks