Short Arm Deadlifter Form Check

Hi Everyone

I have short arms and short torso

My deadlift looks like SLDL and i see a round in my lower back

I am trying to be tight as i can .

Please check my form

Below there is two videos part 1 form is better than part 2 as the weight is lighter

Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2 - YouTube

Thanks in advance

I think your form looks much better in the 2nd video. I don’t see your back rounding, looks like you’re trying extra hard to keep it straight. I think you should just sit back a little more before you start your pull. When you start with your torso near-parallel to the ground you have to straighten out during the pull. If you start the pull with your head and chest up from the start, all you really need to do is break the ground and push your hips through.

It is much more obvious at heavier weights. Post a video of a near-max attempt so we can get a better gauge where your weak points are.

thanks so much for your reply
what if i can not sit more than that ??

Is it mobility problem in hamstrings ??

For example i can not sink like kirk kowaski ( similar leverages to me )

How far apart do you spread your feet? Post a video from the front and/or a weight close to your max and I think we’ll get a better diagnosis

i will post later

but it is hip width