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Short-acting orals

Bill Roberts has talked about using short-acting orals, like d-bol, after a cycle to help keep gains. I was wondering which other drugs could be used for this purpose. I would like to use primo and winstrol caps b/c they reap the smallest amount of side effects. Also, how long could someone follow this plan of taking a dose in just the morning and at what dose would it serve its purpose?

Primo and Winstrol are good choices except for the problem that Primo orals (from Mexico) are just not cost effective.

I have never proven that inhibition is minimal with any dose higher than 40 mg/day of orals but actually there is a medical study with as much as 100 mg/day one-time dosing showing no significant inhibition! Amazing but true. Also, BTW, rather little gains… that is typical with one-time dosing. However the morning-only dosing really does help preserve LBM and is especially helpful if dieting. But, I wind up recommending 40 mg as the most because that is what I have evidence for myself and a lot of athletes using that protocol.

Primobolan, I would “count” as being only half as many mg as it actually is due to the fact that at least half is deactivated by first pass metabolism, I think.

BTW, I would not be surprised if the optimum, if one happens to wake up lightly around 4 AM or so, would not be to take the orals then, and then a second time on arising, and possibly a third time at noon. I have not however studied that, it is only a guess.

If you’re talking about Primobolan orals, they can be used safely indefinitely since they are not 17-alkylated. Alkylated steroids, I’d like to be “off” at least as many weeks per year as “on,” or not more than about 8 weeks preferably. The 8 week figure is not a hard and fast rule and has been safely exceeded many times by many people.

Thanks for the reply Bill. Also, could you tell me if the following is a good cycling plan:

-800 mg primo(inject) day 1

-400 mg primo(inject) day 5

-200 mg primo(inject) day 10

-max dose of androsol every day

-40 mg winstrol every morning for days 15-28

-start again after day 42

If you see holes in this please let me know.

That’s a nice cycling plan, Will, and will give excellent results (with good diet and training) without any estrogenic side effects, and minimal effect on testosterone production most weeks of the cycle. Looks good to me.

Bill, just in case I can’t get the winny tabs which other drugs would serve the purpose of morning only dosing?