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short 5 week bulking cycle

Hey guys, in preperation for my bulking cycle i have some qs to ask. Im thinking of westside for skinny bastards, do you think this could get me proper strength and hypertrophy gains in the short time i have? I have my diet down fine tuned now. IM getting around 3800 calories and 170 grams of protein now, at 125,(i was just sick and lost a lot of weight)

Also im going to Duke University to study a math program in 5 weeks, for 3 weeks in all, and will have zilch access to weights. Any ideas of wat i could do? Should i try to do a cutting cycle, i know im bring me protein with me. The cutting might be hard with all you can eat buffets, 3 times a day though. Also if the hard body challenge kicks off i dont want to cut, so scratch that. Wat things could i do to at least maintain strength or hypertrophy?

Thanks for the advice in advance
T-Teen Drew

There are a number of great programs on the mag about body weight movements you could do. Check out Coach Davies stuff. He will have something great for you that will allow you to not only maintain but keep your bulk up.

Hope that helps,