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Short 2 Week Cycle Experiment (Before & After)

Back story:

Dabbled in BB and AAS about 5 years ago. Ended up getting myself in a relationship and taking a 3 year hiatus from AAS while barely doing the minimum to retain a decent physique. Long story short; we split and now Im focusing on my fitness goals again. Tale as old as time I guess you could say.

The very last cycle I did before I took time off was way to long and led to a long recovery. Basically my goal is to experiment with short cycles to achieve a fast seamless recovery and avoid sides and losses that come with the post cycle crash. I have attached a snap shot of my base line T levels taken a few days before my first injection and will take bloods again when Im done with PCT. Im hopeful that I can recover to around these levels or possibly higher.

Starting Stats from 06/24/17:

bf- somewhere between 12-15 (will post before pics)
age- 28

I’ve read a lot of conflicting Info on the subject of short cycles so I’m hoping to set the record straight (at least for myself) with blood work to show what ever the outcome maybe. Hopefully this is helpful to some bros out there.

Day 1-12: Test p 100mg ED/avar 75mg ED/nolva 10mg EOD
Day 14-?: Nolva 25mg ED

Open to all comments, concerns and suggestions

------------------------------------------UPDATE 07.05.17 -----------------------------

BEFORE: 06/24/17

AFTER: 07/05/17

Before was taken at 193 lbs
After was taken at 206 lbs

How the cycle actually unraveled:


--------UPDATE 07.31.17---------

Post cycle blood work came in today. Blood was drawn on 7.28.17 which would be almost 3 weeks since last test p shot.

Dropped some water weight, down to 203 lbs now. Recovery was a breeze, almost like I was never shut down at all.

testosterone 2

Brother you have low free testosterone, why not consider TRT and blast something extra when you feel the need? Have you had SHBG checked?

It would be a lot more stable than blasting for two weeks and feeling like hell the rest of the time

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I think thats an option that I’m holding out for if this doesn’t lead to improved T levels.
I honestly had no idea my FT was so low. I had my testoserone checked by my doctor in February but it was only total testosterone. TT came back at 700 so I thought all was good. This recent test tells a different story, however.

Thanks for the input Chalk.

You should get more comprehensive labs done and post them in the TRT forum. You likely have very high SHBG which inflates TT and suppresses free T.

Great suggestion bro, however, Im already 5 days into this cycle so I feel bl would be pointless as I know my T levels are surging now. I will do bl after this little experiment is through.

Yeah the cycle is going to throw things ways off. Labs would need to wait for a good month post PCT

If you are doing T+SERM, you do not need to recover your testes as they are not shut down. You can test LH/FSH to see how well 10mg EOD is working and adjust if needed. Switching to Nolvadex 25mg ED will lead to high LH/FSH and high E2. Then when you go natural, LH/FSH will drop a lot and that is telling your testes to slow down, wrong signal. And you would need to taper out to avoid unmasking the high levels of E2 that will shut you down.

See my stickies in this forum and HPTA restart in the T replacement forum.

Your cycle has no AI. What size bra will you need?

Anavar needs AST/ALT liver monitoring. If the liver is stressed, E2 can increase from impaired clearance. And with 700mg T per week, there will be a lot of T–>E2 potential.

I do not think that you know enough to cycle safely.

I have a good tolerance for test and have never had issues with gyno, but i do have letro on hand if the need arises.

Also my last test p injection will be on day 12 so on day 14 I would start with 25mg ED nolva and taper down. I was under the impression that small amounts of SERM would keep my HPTA active while “on” especially since this is such a short cycle, then once all AAS has cleared my system I would use SERM to kick start natural production. I was also under the impression that 25mg ED of nolva for pct is very mild.

I will definitely continue reading through your HPTA restart forum.

Your input is greatly appreciated KSman,

Will do blood work soon and post results.
IMO this cycle was successful. Main goals were to increase chest mass, blast mid section, and body recomp. In 2 weeks I achieved what would have taken 3-4 months to do natty.

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Post cycle labs are in. Looks like levels have improved a little. Would these levels still be considered low even though they are now in the normal range?