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Shops/Gyms in Florence, Italy?


OKay, I will be moving to Florence, Italy for the summer to study and work. And I'm pretty sure they're not gonna let me on the plane with buckets full of powders in my luggage.

Does anyone know of any stores in Florence that sell good supplements? Any good brands over there? On top of that, apparently there's a gym near my housing, but I don't know of the quality. Anyone also know a good gym in Florence, as well? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


you could try shipping your supps over, i bet that you could ups it for cheaper than completely restocking.


Check out this site:


Wish I was spending the summer in Italy!


Do you need supplements while you're there? I mean, I spent some time in Florence (got married there too), and the food was so good that I'd rather eat food the whole time rather than using supplements and to give my body a break.

Oh man, I had some of the best steak of my life in Florence. Can't wait to go back sometime!


Where was this best steak had? Any restaurant suggestions? I was actually considering going supplement less. Thanks for the tips though, guys!


word im going to Florence this summer too



There's at least one decent gym, couldn't give you the name of it, but it must have been easy to find if a tourist there for three days found it. Nothing special, but enough free weights to get the job done.