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OK last night I went to the mall to find A new pair of jeans. Was looking for wide leg or loose fit…(been wearing nothing but shorts lately)… To my supprise Nothing fit my legs…they didn’t have wide legs… So I went to The Gap to try to find some jeans… All the jean legs measured at aroun 26 to 27 inches…what gives any one else have this problem.

Check the search engine for some good threads (ha ha, threads). A lot of us have had this problem. Try some MC Hammer pants. They should be pretty loose.

LOL can’t touch this!

Try Rheingold Fashions (I was actually just talking with Lori about 15 minutes ago). Good stuff. 1-888-248-3487.

Brider is there a website?

The name isn’t too hard to figure out. :slight_smile:

Gawd…try being a Vixen and clothes shopping. My thighs are only three inches behind my waist…I can barely find pants that fit. If they fit my legs, they stand out about a foot from my waist… and if they’re the right waist size, they don’t get above my knees before cutting off circulation. Same with shirts…they get stuck on the shoulders and then leave a tent around the waist. FRUSTRATING and makes me want to be an anorexic Abercrombie model some days!!

elven, even supermodels have trouble finding clothes. My wife, who seems to be proportioned like a supermodel, wears a 38’’ inseam.

Elven, I feel your pain. It’s not so much the thighs for me but the bootay. Crazy that the bubble looks good on it’s own but trying to find a pair of jeans that fit over it but still fit the waist is next to impossible. Add to that a 7" rise and a 31" inseam. Freakin’ ridiculous.

Haha. Thanks Jared, guess I was being a little too lazy.

It could be worse - the only jeans I can buy off the rack are Levi’s Boys Huskies!

karma, it’s the pull-throughs. I have a bubble butt that would put most women to shame and that is not something I’m proud of.

Heh I hear that Karma!! I think I’m just going to start living in workout clothes. It’s all I really look good and feel comfy in anyways :wink:

LOL at Jeff! I used to where huskies when i was like 8. I had to roll the legs twice for them to fit.

I guess you missed my post a couple of weeks ago where I professed that I was giving up pants and just going with the kilt. I 100% hear your pain brother.

Well, as a follow up, just as I was about to head to the nearest Scottish clothing store to carry out my plan, I made my way into an Old Navy. I found not one, not two, but three pairs of pants that fit. I got one loose fitting pair, one pair of painters, and one flat front khakis. I have decided that I shall give the whole pants thing another run. Besides, it’s generally too cold for a kilt up here in Minnesota.

Good luck…

bubble butts are nice


I’m in, I’m out, I’m on with life.

I still remember wearing Levi 501’s. They used to be very popular, but after I really got into working out I couldn’t wear them anymore, and switched to a relaxed fit, until I couldn’t wear them either.

My legs aren’t yet at too an extreme level to have a lot of trouble finding pants, but I have wondered if the recent baggy fashions are helping. I have been wearing these wide leg shorts all summer.

Cory089, too cold?!!?!

Don’t even say that… You think scotland ever hit above 80 much? Sheeshh…

Now maybe wearing the kilt in mid january might be a little harsh, but you probably could have pulled it off for the better part of the last 2 winters without a worry.

Are you living up in the boundary waters or something?

Between this thread and the one of Nate’s that turned into a discussion of Char-dawg’s ass, I think we all should post pics of our asses. Then give awards: Most Bubbly, Most Striated (BigGonad, of course), Harriest, Most Likely to be Spanked.