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Shopping in Thailand


Hi. I'm planning on buying some gh and hopefully even igf-1 while in Thailand on vacation. I know it's risky, especially in terms of fakes.

I've done a good amount of googling, but it seems like the information is always changing. Does anyone have any fairly up to date firsthand experience with sourcing some non-fake stuff? If so, how did you go about it?

I plan on searching out a couple gyms and asking around before doing the actual shopping, but I'd love to hear some of you share your anecdotes if you have any. Thanks for reading.


I'm in the UK, and a few years ago bought loads back, all real. All I can remember is that the pharmacy was in Bangkok on 'sukhumvit soi 5' any taxi driver should take you there, I dont think soi 5 is that big, just pretty hectic! In 2004 this wa sthe cheapest pharmacy with a good selection, go early in your trip and there will probably order anything they don't have. I don't know that many people who have bought from thailand but the ones I do all got real gear, I even bought some Schering Primo tabs which were also all real.
Good Luck


hmm i thought of a thailand trip to cycle, im worried that i won't be able to go for long enough to justify a decent cycle though..


Thanks buddaboy, I'll have a look!


Not worth the risk in my mind.Risk to benefit too low.


Salutations Nickels. I hope you don't plan to bring the gear back with you. If you do, don't put it in your carryon luggage, mail it inside of a radio or something.


Thanks for the tip, satan, but I don't live in the U.S.