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Shopping For Used Equipment

This weekend I’m going to a community rotary auction/rummage sale – sort of like a huge garage sale. In years past, they’ve always had lots of exercise equipment.

This time I’m shopping for a weight bench, barbell and set of plates, and perhaps other items, budget permitting.

How much is reasonable to spend on used gym equipment & what should I be looking for?

That’s a really open ended question, but if you can get a good solid bench, 300 pounds in plates and a squat rack (power stack, whatever), you are set for life.

For used weights I wouldn’t pay over .25 per pound. You can find new for .40-$.50 per pound from a few sources.

I would also suggest you look on line for equipment you would like to have and note the prices. This will then give you facts to use when evaluating if some used picec is worth it or not.