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Shopping for Some Good Foods


I am going to start buying my own food bacause my mother soesnt believe in eating every 2 hours. Today I bought a gallon of whole (vitamin D) milk and a jar of peanut butter. I am planning on buying 2-3 doezen eggs, sweet potatoes, but I'm not sure what else. Iget alot of meat in my diet, but I am thinking of buying a whole chicken and cutting it up. Could I have some suggestions? thank you.


What are you trying to do? I'm assuming you want to gain by the "2 hour" comment, so you'll be better off with calorie dense food and lots of it. If you search, you'll find about 1000 articles and 10000 threads on this subject.

I'm assuming you're just asking what specific foods other people like, so I'll try to answer that.

When you buy your next jar of PB, get natural peanut butter. Whole foods has some good natty pb. It tastes better than that other crap and its better for gaining anyway. Don't worry about the oil that's on the top. That's the good part. Mix it in and eat it.

I also found quinoa there. Cheap, lots of protein for the volume and its easy to make and store. I make about 5 cups of it at a time, store it in the fridge, and microwave it later. Its like rice or cous cous because you can flavor it with whatever you want, ie BBQ, soy sauce, whatever. It just takes on the flavor of what you put in it.

I like taking two cans of tuna (again, cheap) and mixing some salsa in there. Good for 52g of protein, easy to store, and easy to make.

Ground turkey is awesome. Shitloads of protein and you can season it to make it pretty good. I use this Ms. Dash spicy mix and grill turkey burgers.

Jehovasfitness had a post once where he had a recipe for protein balls. Those are pretty good too. Search for them. Yes, I said "search for JF's balls."

Other staples for me are cottage cheese, turkey brats, chicken breasts, and olive oil which I use on a lot of things.

Whatever you get, just make sure you can figure out how many calories are in it so you can make sure you're getting enough. Don't guess. Do the math and keep a log. Its important. Also, don't expect every meal to taste good. The food is fuel.


Thanks a ton.



Liver and economy bacon is such a cheap meal,grill or fry in a quality oil,and paked with essential nutrients-
serve with beans or mash and a pile of steamed green veg,or stir-fried onions and tomatoes.
lots of eggs
ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil
Homemade Chilli is a cheap tasty all-in-one meal,you can add a ton of grated veg in there,peppers,omions,celery,lots of tomatoes,add powdered greens too,along with lean beef or turkey or chicken mince and beans,it's a muscle-building powerhouse!
A shit-ton of protein,a couple of servings of veg in each bowl,lots of fibre,plenty of vitamins and minerals.
You can also add spinach,serve it with rice or brown rice if you need extra calories,carbs or fibre.
Put a heap of grated cheese on top if you're really bulking up,
Buy the ingredients in bulk and cook it in bulk,,refrigerate it or freeze it in individual portions.


why are you so intent on eating every two hours? it really doesn't do anything special (except turn you into a hermit who never leaves his house because he has to eat something every two hours).


Well I guess I should say Im goin to TRY, but I'm trying to bulk up, but clean up my bulk so I gain less fat. Every 2 hours is just an estimate I suppose


I reckon eating every 3 hours would be a lot easier and achieve just as much,just snack and graze in between if you get a chance,but every 2 hours is bordering on an eating disorder...


Whole chicken is a good choice. I make a small batch of soup with the giblets & the back piece. try ground turkey as one of the members already posted. Turkey drumsticks are pretty cheap as well(great on the bbq).

Also bison/buffalo. It's getting some main stream attention so the price is reasonable now. Maybe throw in some greens like spinach,cabbage,Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Tuna & sardines. Sardines are a good source of Omega-3,is lower in mercury compared to tuna & is roughly around the same price.