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Shopping for an Engagment Ring?


How the hell do I do this? Does she come with me and I let her pick it out? Do i go it alone or with the help of let's say my mother and use my best judgement based on what I know her tastes are? This is not a suprise and we both have a general agreement of the budget so is it something we should do together?


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I would do it together. My wife and I went together, and she picked out 3 rings that she liked from a couple of stores. I got to choose the final ring, and I went and purchased it when she was not with me. I then surprised her, not really, but she did not know when I was getting it, or when she would get the ring.

Now that I am older and have a bigger budget I hope to buy her a really expensive ring, maybe from tiffany's, in the next year or two and this one will be all me.



A: Have her go with you


B: Have her give you pictures of rings she likes. Ask her to be specific.

My wife basically picked her ring out without picking it out. I knew what to look for based off of what she wanted. I knew white gold instead of yellow, 3 stones insetad of 1, etc...

I wouldn't spend that kind of money unless you're 100% sure it's what she'll like because I doubt she'll want to return it, but it also won't be the "dream ring" she wants.


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I knew what my wife wanted. She got in the habit of telling me what she liked in rings. One day we were sitting on the porch and she started running her mouth describing the perfect ring and I pulled out the exact ring and proposed. Down to the cut of the diamond. She still brags about the ring.


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Don't listen to the haters. Marriage is a great thing if both people in the relationship are committed to the relationship. Both individuals need to put the other person before themselves.

I will say I am really blessed to have the woman that God gave me. My family loves her more than me. :slight_smile:


This. When we started talking about marriage we would stop and look in jewelry counters occasionally, but mostly she would just tell me, I like this cut with this setting or this cut with this setting. Just try to get some info out of her about what her preferences are.


Pretty solid advice. Kind of the same plan we had, i'll go modest this time around if she let's me bling her out later on.


Bottom line is she makes me a better man. Doesnt hurt that she is young, smart, a bikini competitor and Brazillian. Plus now I dont have to worry about her getting deported.....


You guys have set a budget. Stay within it. Try to get 50% off any list price, but settle for 40% off. Have fun.


Yeah, trying to treat it like buying a real estate property :smiley: get it for well under the market value. Some tips I have found so far are to shoot for cut over color and look for slightly under or over a landmark carat, like .95 or .55 and that alone can save you like 20%.


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Yeah, agreed on the color but you would also be surprised how willing they are to deal with you. And shop around. Occasionally you can find a particular collection that has been discontinued or removed from the store that looks exactly the same but they are a little more eager to get it out of their inventory. There are lots of good deals to be had on rings if you look long enough.


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My wife has small fingers so a 1 carat diamond was huge so we went with a .67. I then looked for color and clarity. I tried to get a clarity that I could not see the any visable flaws with the naked eye. Also get flaws that are relatively clear. Do not get ones that are still carbon (black). Those show up to the naked eye much easier. Make sure the prongs are white gold or platinum because it makes a less color stone look like a better color stone. Yellow gold makes the stone look more yellow.


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