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Shopping for a New Bar


I had a simple bar that came with a 300lbs weight set but, I am finally starting to grow out of it. My Squat and Deadlift are finally starting to climb into the mid 400's again and the bar is starting to bend. I train in my garage without my own equipment and am not exactly made of money haha. So looking for suggestions for a good all around bar. Looking for good knurling and something solid. I don't do any Oly movements very often so a powerlifting orientated bar would be best. Would like to stay under $300 but will spend more Occidental just have to. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help out.


I got a texas power bar and have been beating on it for a few years. Still straight as an arrow. Can't go wrong with one of those.

I've also heard good things about a Jesup power bar. They are 1500# rated and have good knurling. They are $185 shipped.


here's where I got my bar..and it's at 293 which is in your $300 budget.



Thanks man I was seriously considering a Texas Bar was nit sure if there were any other good ones in that range. Ill give the other a look as well.


TPB and never look back. I gave away all my other bars once I got one.

That and a texas deadlift bar.


We've got the texas deadlift bar, texas squat bar and two texas power bars. I've trained on a few different texas power bars that had been through various degrees of abuse and they were all still holding strong. Gotta get the TPB, in my opinion


I ordered a York bar from Elitefts.com a couple of years ago. It's a great bar and sees near daily use. Item number York DSYB-32120. Black oxide, good knurling, 32mm, 1500 lb test, $257.14. Good luck.


York Burgener & Rippetoe bar
205000 psi 29mm great knurling
300 bucks


Texas Power Bar or bust. By far the best all purpose bar out there


Just take note that the Texas power bars knurling is very sharp. I don't like them because they kill my hands.


I read that in alot of reviews but I just ordered it so hopefully it will be bearable for me. Either way should have some tough hands if I don't already lol.


knurling is pretty "sharp" at first but you get used to it quickly. if you have soft hands just rub chalk on the bar. The chalk in the knurling makes it less but still good to hold on to.

Mr. Reed you will have NO regrets with this bar.