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Shoppers Kill Wal-Mart Employee


WTF is wrong with people?


Is shopping THAT important??


holy hell.
greed is a deadly sin, too bad it killed someone else, that is terrible.


No,Wal-Mart shopping is that important. People are fucking crazy.


Pure ignorance. I really do think most people are just above the line of retardation.




That is just plain ridiculous.


<- Understatement.


You know what's really sad is that the people who killed that man likely know that they did it, or were responsible. And I guarantee that none of them will be coming forward to admit it. As long as they got 20% off, hey! Fuck it, right?

What do expect from a bunch of classless hicks?


"...one of our nation's best companies."

"...exemplifies some of the very best qualities in our country - hard work, the spirit of enterprise, fair dealing and integrity."

Dick Cheney on Walmart


I don't think you can blame this on Walmart. These people wanted their "bargains" so badly that they ripped the door off it's hinges. Nothing justifies that, even if they hadn't killed somebody.

My sympathies to his family.

EDIT: Another article I read said that the door had been ripped off its hinges. This one doesn't seem to say that.


The 34 year old man had a heart attack.

The type of 34 year olds that have a heart attack... are those the types that get 'trampled to death'?


Something like this happens every year. If not an employee getting trampled somebody gets there face beat in over an X-box or something. You couldn't pay me to go shopping on black friday.

Not to get off topic here but has anyone ever noticed that most Wal-Mart employees look like they have never had a vegetable in there life? Especially the women. I think most average about 45% bf. At least the ones that work the night shift where I live. Kind of lends credibility to msd0060's post.


I agree.




Not to mention all sorts of other shit. People tried snatching shit out of my cart the one and only year I went shopping on black friday.

Personally, I wish stores could look beyond the chance for more money, and stop doing black friday sales. Someone always gets at least hurt every year, along with all the other mess that goes along with it, it's not worth it.


Hey, GTF outta here. Onion rings are vegetables.


valid point.

no one has ever tried to redistribute my selected items into their possesion, but the shaved head and goatee + bloodshot eyes from getting up so early is at least partially responsible for that I think.

but I don't go shopping on black friday anymore either, nobody is home, so I burglarize houses! lol.
oh come on, tell me I'm not the only one who thought of that...


Someone tried to do that to my mums shopping cart some years ago.

I punched the cunt in the face.


I was wondering when something was going to surface about a customer dying today, looks like I was wrong.


2 killed at Toys R Us