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Shooting Touch

I am having an ongoing debate with a non-weightlifting friend about if weight lifting ruins your basketball shooting touch. Now I know it is obvious that every basketball player in the pros and college lift, and I’ve even seen footage of players lifting on game day, but does anyone know where I can find info on players lifting routines during the season?

Actually, I have a friend who never shoots better then when his triceps are burning from a workout. I can’t even hit the backboard for the first couple of shots (no sensitivity, always shoot over it) but he gets in a groove right away so I really think it just depends on the individual.

Lifting will only mess up your shot if you try to shoot just after lifting when you are still pumped. Otherwise, if you avoid very intense lifting that will cause significant DOMS, your shot will be fine.

Pumped or very sore triceps will pretty much screw you up; that’s about it tho.

From what I hear, Jason and Joel can’t hit a shot for their lives with or without a pump in their arms…

Thanks guys. After spending some time on a bunch of different search engines, I finally found an interview with the Sac. Kings trainer. If anyone is interested it is here: www.musclemonthly.com/ print/001215-al-biancani.htm


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hahahahahahaha… that’s damn funny. To the person who posted the Q, as long as your not doing hypertrophy type training during the season, you’ll be ok.

sore shoulders always jacked my shot too

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As for lifting routines during the season, I've got my players doing an abbreviated warm-up circuit of swings, snatches, presses, etc with dumbells. Then they move on to do 2-3 sets of "money" exercises as Christian Thibadeau so calls them and then some abdominal work. Right now, I'm using this time to employ a last bit of hypertrophy work before season starts (8-10 reps per set). They do this twice a week with the only goal to keep their strength and size levels up.

I also get them on one weekend day (this will end when season starts to go through some med ball work, GPP, jump rope, agility stuff) - this is stuff we did in the off season and I'm just doing enough in the pre-season to keep them in condition and to keep these motor skills going.

When season starts (in two weeks) - I'll back down the reps, bump up the weight and just keep the two 30 minute sessions a week and I'll focus a lot of helping with rehab and preventive training aside from these sessions.

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During the season you should do short, focused workouts, What I used to do when I played in college was to do Complexes (like the ones in Coach davies artical) and befor I learned about those I basically did Power clean, squat and bench and chins or dips once a week using light weights (50%-75%). Usually I did these workouts on the night befor our day off, either after a game or after practice. But that was when I was playing a lot, If you dont play too much you can have a 4 day split. A person that helped me out a lot with this Was a guy named Fred Hatfeild II and Todd Wilson, They usually posts on drsquat.com But then you also have to think about what is most important in season shooting and practicing your skills or your workout.
Hope I helped