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Shooting Pain in Shoulders

For the last three workouts I have had to cut short my bench routine. I am mid way thru a MAG-10 Cycle. Lifting heavy and hard.

Anyway I am doing an effective warmup but as soon as I start to move up I am getting a sharp pain in my right shoulder. Real sharp. On top of the delts right on the bone. I don’t remember a tear or rip. 1 one rep max is 405ibs. I had not gone over 365 in a few weeks.

Any ideas. I am 42. Wondering if this might arthiritis.

It could be a number of things. Get it checked out.

I recently had this happen to me. Went to a sports doctor and he said I had demineralization of the clavicle, which comes from lots of bench pressing and over head presses over the years, probably not enough rowing to ballance it out! The wider the grip, the worst the pain. I modified my scheudle where I am lifiting in the 5-7 range one week, 10-12 the other week. It used to be all heavy, all the time. I also took a look at my routine to make sure I was not getting to much indirect shoulder work (bench one day, dips another day where my shoulder is getting hit again)

Definitely have a doctor look at it and take an X-Ray. If it is demineralization, there is not a lot they can do about it. I chose to not use any of the treatments, as the pain is managable. I just cant lift heavy every day!

Thanks CR. I lift heavy pretty often and also work shoulders indirectly alot.

I am going to get it looked at.

Most likely bursitis. Overuse. Take a few weeks off, ice it and take Ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol. Good luck!