Shooting Pain in Lower Back, Very Stiff/Sore - Chiropractor?

I’ve not injured myself but I have got a stiff lower back and it hurts a bit to raise my legs up if I were lying down. Nothing seems to relieve this - I stretch a lot, I foam roll, etc… When I drive it’s quite painful as I get shooting pains at the lower back/buttocks area. I move around lots and just can’t get comfortable.

My Question Is

Should I see a Chiropractor? I have an appointment booked for tomorrow.

I have used them before, but find them quite expensive. I was wondering if there are better options such as:

  • Massage (had mixed results with this before)

  • Acupuncture

  • Other stuff?

I just want to emphasise that I don’t think I have injured myself, e.g. I haven’t been lifting and felt myself get hurt. I think it’s just a build up of pressure maybe, or something is out of alignment.


See a physical therapist and see what they have to say about it.