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Shooting Pain in forarm

Up until this week, I never had this prolem. I know it is not a bruise, because nothing I’ve done could have caused it. Anyway, it seems every time I lift, when I’m done, as I sit the weights down, I feel a shooting pain in my forarm. It’s only in the left, and only started happening this past week. It doesn’t seem to be going away. Anyone have any idea of the cause?

I am not sure if this is the same thing, but here is what I have experienced in the past.
The pain felt like a release of strain in my forearm. I got it mostly when doing preacher curls. At the time heavy weight for preacher curls did this to me right when i set the weight down.
It doesnt happen any more, and I feel like it was related to weakness in the forearm muscles.
The reason I say this is this used to happen to me when my max on preacher curl was about 85lbs. I quit doing them for a while and did dumbell curls. Since taking a break on them my forearms have gotten much stronger and now they do not hurt regardless of how much weight I do. The same happened for my twin brother… course we are genetically identical. :o)
What exercises does it bug you on? When you set what weight down? Bench? Or is it when you are holding weights?
I would say take a break from those exercises - at least with the weights that hurt you (if there are any) after a bit of time off work to strenghten your forearms. It could help.
Does any of this seem plausible?

here is a copy of a previous post of mine:

it’s from breaking the wrists over when doing curls. keep your wrists straight (neutral) or slightly bent backwards when you perform your curls. i see guys all the time who curl upwards way too high (almost to their chin) and breaking their wrists over at the same time. makes me cringe because i know that as the weight gets heavier their forearms are gonna get pounded and they are going to hate letting the weight go due to the sharp pain during release. i never go more than 45 degrees beyond parallel to the floor and keep my wrists in a slightly (negative) backwards bent position. first thing to do is correct your form and kick the weight down a bit. you will have to baby it for a while and you will lose some strength along the way. this happened to me ONCE and i lost about 30lbs of strength while i healed. it took me about 3 months to get over it completely, but your mileage may vary. all the best and speedy healing. kevo

do a search on “bad pain in my forearms” for the entire thread. kevo

I’d like to add that my experience supports what kevo wrote.
This was the form that I used when experiencing this problem. Also, I never ran into this problem, even with that form, until I started using weight that was heavy relative to my forearms and biceps at the time.
My belief: kevo is dead on.
Give yourself the heal time. Take a break. Then come back to it doing it right. :o)
thanks for the post kevo, it made me realise the rest of this issue that I had missed before.

Thanks, appreciate it! :wink:

You’ve got a pinched nerve.
It really sucks, I’ve had them before too, and the ONLY remedy is rest. Sorry I had to be the one to tell you. Take a break from wrists/forearms for a few weeks (and whatever else causes you to feel that shooting pain). Pinched nerves can turn into nasty problems if you don’t let them heal quickly and properly.

I dealt with this problem for a period of 3 years. The only thing that helped was seeing a kinesiologist/chiropractor. He went on to explain that I had a muscle imbalance, meaning that my grip muscle in my forearms were to strong in comparison to the extensor muscles in my forearms. Stretch these grip muscles continuously throughout the day, and take some time off biceps exercises. Using straps on back days also helps give these muscles a rest.

If I continue to ignore this pain, and workout regardless of it, do you think it could cause permanent damage? Or, do I just have to deal with the pain? I’d really rather not cut down on my lifting seeing as how I just started 3 months ago. It would be a huge set-back. Thanks.