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Shooting Leg pain

Did ass to grass Squats,GM’s and GHR on Thurs and then did single leg curls. While doing the curls with my right leg I would get a shooting pain down the outside of left hip and all the way down my leg, no pain when doing the curls with the left leg. I had previously noticed this type of shooting pain/tightness when crossing my left leg in front of the right but never when doing single leg curls.

Any ideas on the cause? I am going to see my ART Doctor in two weeks for recurring treatment on my right shoulder.

Satic nerve damage, most likely but go see a doc (someone that specialize in low back issues) not a chiropractor first. And not the ART doc either.

I agree it is the sciatic nerve. I bet it is caused by a bulge in a disk in your lower back. You need to go to a doctor about this. Just don’t let anybody operate on you. You may have to change the way you lift.

If you are indeed suffering from sciatica Sully, welcome to the club.

While you still have mild pain, I strongly recommend you lay off anything that significantly stresses your lower back. I made the mistake of doing power cleans on the assumption the pain would dissipate in the morning. How wrong I was.

Of course, sciatica isn’t the only cause of that kind of pain. A slightly pulled muscle would have a similar effect.


There are app. 20 spots that can cause sciatica, with one being the disc. I have sciatica and it is related to the pririformis. There are app. 15 or so ART protocols that deal with sciatica.

ART is a good option at first. Very few of these cases are total disc involement that require surgery. Go conservative first, and see if that works.