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Shooting for 600

Hi, first-time poster, long-time lurker here. I’m hoping to use this log to record major milestones on my road to a 600kg total (I’m British, apologies to anyone who’s having to convert to lbs in their head).

Current stats:
5’10" - 76kg - c.12% BF

Gym PRs (from a year ago)
S - 155
B - 115
D - 210

I’m currently at the tail end of a three month cut and will be retesting my maxes after Christmas.

I’m hoping I’ll total somewhere around 480-500kg and yeah, clue’s in the title, the aim is to reach 600kg. I wrote to Santa asking for knee sleeves and a decent belt so here’s hoping they’ll make a difference straight off the bat. In the New Year I’ll plough into a 5/3/1 variation, training 4 times a week and ramping up my calories every couple of weeks.

However, I’ve spent much of the last three years dealing with a fairly sizeable fat problem so am reticent to let my abs get too blurry and I’d like to hit the target strength while staying under 83kg. I’ll stick some befores and after up in a bit, and I reckon I’ll probably also give T-ransformation 2018 a punt.

Cheers for reading, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in on these pages.


welcome to the forum!

Welcome mate

Cheers for your welcomes fellas!

My run in to the post-Christmas test has taken a knock. My 200-yards-from-my-house gym is out of action for the rest of the month and the two closest alternatives are dire. One doesn’t have a squat rack and the other doesn’t have a bench.

Despite this, I had a good squat session yesterday, throwing every plate they owned on for the single @ 150 (yes, it was that sort of place):

High Bar
100 X 5
115 X 5
130 X 5
135 x 3 (Joker)
100 X 10 (FSL)

Low Bar

Calf Raises 3 x 15

I’ve got plans to go gym-hunting this weekend and hopefully I’ll find somewhere suitable for the next few weeks.

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Update on Body Comp

Weighed and measured myself this morning. It was the Varsity game yesterday and much was consumed so I was always expecting this to factor.

What I wasn’t expecting was an 8kg increase on the scales from two weeks ago, and a 2mm decrease in my belly calliper reading.

Oh yeah, I take calliper readings. I know there’s a lot of scepticism on the forum about knowing your body fat and tbh, I don’t care what the number is, I just care about knowing whether weight fluctuations are fat or lbm. So if I drop 1kg scale weight and my readings say I’ve dropped 0.8kg fat mass, I’m fairly happy, even if the overall body comp is significantly chubbier.

My readings peg me at about 9% but the mirror says 12.

So, vital stats as of this morning are:


Pec: 7mm
Belly: 16mm
Thigh: 11mm

Waist: 31.8in
Chest: 41.5in
Thigh: 23.5in

So, waist has gone down, fat pinches have gone down across the board. Weight has gone up, no doubt due to delicious sodium and carbs.

Deadlift day today. The gym I found was easily the best of the three alternatives to my regular I’ve tried so far. Three bars, a rack, and bench… never realised I could be so grateful for such basic equipment!

Session went well, although the rack pulls had to be done from pretty much knee because the pins wouldn’t go lower and I was worried I’d crack the flimsy step-up boards.

135 x 3
150 x 3
170 x 6
180 x 2 (Joker)
135 x 4 (FSL)

Rack Pulls
200 x 2,2,2,2

80 x 12,8,6

60 x 12,8,6

Then a bit of volume work on the lat pulldown and shrugs and stretching.

Now for a day of eating and watching the European rugby. Wasps aren’t playing until tomorrow but I’ll still be pretty happy watching the Tigers lose.

Solid DL session today

Worked up to 180 for 5, RPE 7 or 8 so fairly happy.

My routine has been all over the shop the last week due to Christmas do’s and my lack of local gym, however it re-opens on Thursday so I can get in a couple of sessions before heading home for the big day.

In other news, I saw The Last Jedi yesterday and it gets a solid meh. Pretty disappointing!