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Shooting at the Washington Naval Yard


Unreal. it seems nobody is safe anymore. I feel for the families of those killed...you're never supposed to die, but if people absolutely had to go, at least it could have been in combat instead of on the homefront, to give some sort of meaning to the families left behind :(.



Hard to comment past that with so little known at this point. Already had one false ID, and a second is floating around. We'll see.


No one should have to die at work. I'm really feeling for everyone affected, and hoping the situation is resolved soon.


It's sad. You leave home thinking 1000 things and most times "this may be my last day" is not on the list. I've been to the navy yard a dozen times. The last time was to pick up some metro cards.

The place had private security in full force. I had to show two forms of ID and walk through a metal detector and not even a multi-tool on my key-chain was allowed in.

Ill wait to hear what comes from the official report but I can never find reason in killing random people.


Alleged shooter.


This is not the case for the majority of buildings on the Navy yard....and I do not know for sure if our security has a "private" element to it. The majority, if not all, are MP's.


But yes it is very tragic. I was on my way to the office when I got the notice. Most of my coworkers were already there. We are in a building all the way across the yard from the NAVSEA headquarters, but my program interfaces heavily with the NAVSEA guys so we are still waiting for some of our associates to surface. It is made tougher by the fact that many of them were forced to abandon their cells, keys, wallets, etc. to evacuate quickly.

Very sad day indeed. I've been watching it on the news all day from home.


The section I went thru to get metro passes had tons of security but they seemed private and not MP. Also they seemed to be on top of it. I thought my key chain was going to keep me from getting in.


I feel like I should've known about this sooner.


Unreal.....on CNN two witnesses said it was a dark skinned male with a long rifle. He just unloaded on people.

Fuck that guy.


I just heard something about this on the radio, how terrible. Prayers for those affected


Base security all over is not what it should be.

Worse, they are also "weapons free" zones. Pretty stupid. At least let the officers have sidearms.


they do


I think ruffian means commissioned officers, not the M.P.s or private contractors.


Highly unusual. That would have to be a specific order from the base commander, and he would have to have gotten clearance for it. Wonder how/why this base is different from all the others.




Then I misunderstood your post. My bad. There are plenty of security and armed guards around the installation, which is not very large.



The place always gave me the impression for being locked tight. The section I entered in is near metro and just gives the feeling don't play around here. I'm shocked anyone would even try, much less a loner. The final report will change how federal building do business.


I'm not sure what building you were in for the metro cards, but yeah there is usually a pretty strong presence of security around. I have never felt threatened on station, even back in the day when the surrounding area was less than desirable...


What is really unclear is why he was using the other guy's id, if he himself was an authorized contractor. And why that other guy's id was still active in the system if he was no longer an employee. Heads will roll over that, for sure, and I am betting sequestration and furloughs will be fingered in part of the blame when the root cause analysis is completed.

Still awaiting word from some of our associates at NAVSEA....it is pretty rough right now waiting for the names to be released.


Didn't Alexis get a DD for criminal conduct, seems like it would be impossible to get a contractor job with that on your record.