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shoot and run

ok guys i need a litle help with this one. i am going to be testing with a security company to be an armed guard at a local national laboratory. part of the testing will include a shoot and run test. i have some experience with firearms, just recreationally. however i have no formal training and havent really practiced running and shooting. does anyone here have any experience with these type of tests? can you give me some advice on how i can practice to improve my abilities in this regard? thanks. paul

It sounds a little like a combat shooting course. Try this.
*Watch some other people run through the course and see how they do it.

  • Get and study as much as you can about combat shooting.
  • Get the layout of the range and practice, practice and then practice some more.
  • Work on moving and settling. It is hard to hit the target when you are breathing like a race horse, the front site won’t stay put.
    Best of Luck.

Do a little research into a shooting method called “point-shooting”. It is originally taught by Col. Rex Applegate, author of books like “Kill or be Killed”. This method of shooting takes the sights out of shooting, relying mostly on instinct (which you go back to anyways during a shooting due to uncontrollable physiological responses). In a nutshell, imagine using your finger to point at an object. You can usually get right on target. You just replace the finger with your gun. Of course, there are a few more dynamics, but it is that simple.

Get your front sight on the target. Squueze the trigger quickly when the front sight is in the middle of the target you are aiming for. Acquire and fire. Remember the front sight is where your pistol will point to. Try and get a front sight you can easily see. Something that will focus light or glow. Makes a big difference.