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Shoo dieters - shoo

Damn Atkins dieters.

Why, if they’re not the reason why egg prices are sky-rocketing!

Arent eggs only like $1.39 a dozen?

1.59 a dozen and used to be only 89 cents!!!

Like everything else, give people a reason to buy it and the price keeps going up. In a couple of years, when the government determines that eggs are bad for us(again!!!), the price will drop. Until then, scan the supermarket ads and try to find the buy one get one free deal. that’s what I do.

Ya, but you get your bread cheaper, now!

I read about this too. They’re also saying many bakeries are going out of business and blaming it on the Atkins diet.

The price of eggs is going up because I’m eating all the chickens. Sorry!

Look at beef. $17.99/lb for beef tenderloin. How the hell am I going to survive on 3/lbs of tenderloin a day??? Fucking Atkins dieters!

Dude stop bitching, get 5 dozen eggs at Costco for like under 6 bucks.