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Shogun Weight Training


I thought you guys might enjoy this and want to comment:


Looks like a good workout.


It'd better be if he's getting ready to go 5 rounds with Machida.

*Just watched the video... why is he using 25lb plates? Also, he's squatting and dead lifting a good amount, but I would have rather seen his conditioning.


Yeah, what's with the small plates???

Squat looked ok, he might have even being goin to parallel.

and what's with his DL form??
Rounded back, straightens his legs first then his back, then turns it into a still-leg, doesn't bother to touch to plates to the ground..

Prob one of the most uninteresting training videos I've seen...

on second watch, it looks like he's got a 45 on the bar first with the DL. So not so bad. Still weird to be using all those 25's, maybe all the other 45 plates were sitting on bench bars around the gym, like at the gym I go to...


For someone who has probably spent less time in the weight room then most people here-
he looked fine.

Im sure this kind of training for shogun is new, and pretty low on the priority list-
in relevance to his other work so somewhere in his 30 to 40 hours of training
several hours of teaching, press stuff, PR appearances promotions etc, running his business,
family I guess we can critique his form.



Haha, way to rain on my ego-parade kmc!

My main issue was that he didn't lift it from a dead-stop on every rep. That's why it's called a deadlift. Not stopping at the bottom allows you to use a stretch reflex in your hamstrings.
Also, turning it into a stiff-legged DL increases the use of hamstrings in the movement. Which is fine, if that is the aim. Infact, lifting that way is generally alot harder, as in, you can't lift as much weight.

So a 385lb (by my count) stiff-leg DL is actually pretty impressive. Esp. seeing as lifting weights def. isn't his focus.
I'm not trying to be an arse, really, I'm not! Just educating!

But you're right, practicing weightlifting form is probably not high on his agenda, and we have to put it in perspective.

And as I said, a 385lb dl for someone who prob. doesn't spend a whole lotta time in the weight room is pretty impressive.

I was also surprised to see that it looked like an average commercial gym. I mean, I was expecting some top-class private secret training area!


I'm guessing the 25lbs plates is used for getting a deeper range of motion. I do this myself for snatch-grip deadlifts.


Actually if you look close they are not using olympic bars... so those are probably the weights that fit.

and his trainer type says its 140 kilos on the squats
for those that can't habla portuguesa, I cant either :slightly_smiling:

Why would they need a space age facility?

Ive been to some" world class" facilities and they are nothing to write home about
cold , stank , stall bars, mats ropes that's about it.

and what is wrong with RDL type lifts?
Or reps
Pulling big singles or series of singles is hard as fuck to recover from.

Remember any pics, photos etc of these guys training is only that just a snapshopt of that moment.



I just wish we could see more of his mitt work, sparring, jui jitsu, and wrestling practice's. I'm a big fan of Shogun, but I'd rather see glimpses of him doing some wanderlei style cardio. That way I KNOW his ass is in shape for this fight, and that his knees are doing well.


hmmm, i thought it was kinda weird he was using straps for the DL....i kind of assumed he would want the grip work from that as well, but maybe he gets that through other stuff.


There is another vid of a different training session where he's doing the same weight, but doesn't use the straps. It might have been his grip was shot for the day.


There are some good videos out there of him doing mitt work. One is of him sparring Junior Dos Santos (its a light session but still good). Another is the classic of him and Wandy sparring. And one I remember of him hitting a heavy bag which is very impressive. I had not ever, however, seen him lift. I was impressed with his squat. I can assure you that for a 205lb strictly MMA athlete, that's a pretty good squat.


shogun should be doing more strongman training to get ready for his next fight.


I think the 25 pound plates were to make it more 'impressive' to the non-weightlifting crowd. Stacking 6 plates on each side looks much better than 3.




Strength is NOT going to make the difference in this fight! Machida is far too much of a tactician for the punch and pray routine. I think he needs to be prepared to push the fight to the ground, and get lyoto on his back, or clinch. To be honest though, lyoto is so good at most aspects of this sport that I think he's going to stay on top for a while. I'd like to see lyoto and randy fight.


You mean strongman event training? All strongmen work on their deadlift and squat, I assure you.


This is probably more representative of grappling than a PL style DL. rounded back DL and GMs will have more carry over to grappling sports if you can do them without fucking your back up.


Thanks kmc for putting me straight.
Sometimes I get a little crazy on the internet, and forget that I should act/speak as I would in real life.
And so I'm guilty of trying to be an internet expert.

I don't really know what it is that made me think they'd have some special training facility.. I guess the commercialism of the UFC makes me a little queazy, and I have been feeling a little jaded scince Lesnar joined the orginisation. All the hype of ufc's 100 and 101 has been getting me feeling like it's all bells and whistles. It's good to see professional fighters just doing what they're doing.

This is why I like you man, you make me feel bad about, or reconsider, saying the wrong thing, or having a biased opinion, or what-ever- but you do it like a gentleman, not like an arse.
Cool calm collected and concise, is our man, kmc.
Plus I want to stay on the right side of you, because it seems like you've got alot of knowledge and experience, and I just started judo and need all the help I can get.


LOL beershoes man..I'm sure his knee's are fine if he's squatting 310...
165 champ - I don't he's trying to impress anyone with his lifting..and maybe someone else was using 45's?

Maybe after that set they took off a 25 from each, so it's 50lbs less and cranked some reps with that..and again and again for lactic acid build up in the low back, legs...
But I highly doubt he's trying to impress anyone...lifting is just a means to an end..these guys will do anything for an extra edge in all aspects.
haha also

shogun should be doing more strongman type training?
Listen people - YOU ONLY GET A GLIMPSE..seriosuly this is serisouly just a GLIMPSE of his training..
Damn near all MMA guys seem to be flipping tires, pulling ropes etc for circuits for extra conditioning.

Other conditioning comes mostly from actual sparring, grappling, all forms of pad work, kick sheilds etc etc.
There's so much in their training.
You think that he does this "routine" and then calls it a day?
He's training multiple times a day ALL week..it's a full time job of just training, eating, and trying to recover fast as possible for the next session.