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Shogun vs Machida

okay, i finally got around to watching this fight on my DVR (yeah, i know i’m a bit late), but i literally see no way anyone could say Machida won that fight, unless the UFC mandates that to take a title, you need to finish the fight. i honestly thought Machida got rd 3, but that was it. and i thought Shogun had a 10-8 rd 4…so it shoulda been 49-45, at least in my eyes…

worst decision ever…

preaching to the choir man

Oh my God guys, did you hear about this?!?!

And yet there would still be assholes who would have you believe otherwise, as if Machida won the fight purely by Karate osmosis…

Rua made Machida mortal and definitely won the fight. I guess the UFC needs someone to KO or sub a champ to take a belt.

yeah i was VERY dissapointed about that decision. i got into a big verbal argument with a machida lover about it haha

blame the judges - they got some whack judging…seriously. They need to have judges that are actually familiar w/ MMA. Glad to see Shogun back to his regular self though:P

[quote]cweld1 wrote:
Oh my God guys, did you hear about this?!?![/quote]

Holy mother of GOD…When did this happen???

The news really dropped the ball on this!

[quote]Aussie Davo wrote:

Karate osmosis…


Can I borrow this phrase? Totally sweet line!

As for the fight, I’m a big Machida fan (and I like Shogun as well) but Machida should have lost. He won the third round from all I saw. I was very surprised to see him win the fight. Either way, Machida’s code is cracked, and I’m glad Shogun is the old Shogun again.

Rematch May 1, is this correct?

Yep, Machida’s code is cracked, he’s done, basically a can now.

Er, would you be so kind and explain it to us again why this is the case?

The rematch can go either way.