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Shogun vs Henderson




Who takes it?

Mauricio didn't look at his best in the Griffin fight. Though, of course, everyone said that when he squeaked by Coleman, and he proceeded to dominate Chuck and give Machida a serious run for his money. His striking is clearly superior, but if Dan wants to close the distance and clinch, Shogun is hitting the floor.

I'm leaning towards Shogun in this. I think if he can come in peaked for this fight he can pick Dan apart and get to his feet when he needs to.

To add to that, Henderson isn't the most cerebral of fighters. He tends to 'fall in love' with his right hand and doesn't mix things up (striking and otherwise). I don't think he will KO Shogun.... but I think he can.


I don't think Shogun is stupid enough to walk into that big overhand right. He will mix it up, control the distance, throw a bunch of leg kicks and eventually finish Hendo somewhere in the last three rounds. That is if he comes in on top of his game, he didn't look sharp as he usually does against Forrest and I do think he needs to do better against Hendo or this might be hard night for him.

Also Belfort - Cung Le on the card, looking awesome already.


thank god they are shapping better that card. Cung Le VS Overrated Belfort was one hell of a shitty main event.

I have my doubts about Shogun being the favorite here, I don't think he looked solid against Forrest, his movement was odd and he didn't threw any kicks, he still have one hell of a punch, hopefully he will be better prepared by the Hendo fight.

I'm going with Hendo here, Shogun take-down defense is almost non-existent, Hendo survived Fedor, is on a good rhythm, granite chin and if he plays his cards right and don't perform like his fight against Jake Shields relying solely on his right hand he is a good bet.

Lol @ Shogun manager who asked for Tito Ortiz and got Hendo instead, nothing against easy tune-up fights, but the UFC seriously but the best against best most of the times, there are no easy fights for most of the time.

If Shogun doesn't get past Hendo i'm pretty sure it's over for him on his title run.

i think i'm gonna bet couple hundred bucks on Hendo.


I would concur with the above poster. MMA is unpredictable, but I would wager on Hendo. His previous losses were mostly to high caliber strikers, when Hendo was much more of a wrestler still. He continually improves his standup and few people can survive that right hand. He CRUSHED fedor with it, and despite Fedors recent shortcomings, its still fedor people. Hendo's wrestling is world class. He shows no signs of slowing down.

Shogun, at his best, is one of the most dangerous in the game, however he is rarely consistant. His injuries are catching up to him, and he got demolished by Jones. It will be an interesting, but short fight.


really tough one to call - i'm going to go with Shogun, just. I think if he turns up at his best or close to hendo wont be able to close the distance enough to play to his strengths. However if Shogun doesnt really turn up, its lights out!

I'm going Shogun 2 rounds to 1. Will be a close one though.


Rua is going to fuck him up bad.

Rua is a big 205er and Henderson is a smaller 205er.


Keep in mind it'll be the main event, that means 5 rounds of these veterans smashing each others faces in.


Hendo crushed people even at HW, he won against Fedor.

Size is a problem for him as much as it's for Minowa.


Only title fights are 5 rounds though.

Shogun w/ leg kicks wins, Shogun trying to box with Hendo loses.


Nope. I'm not sure about SF, but new UFC main events are 5 rounds now.

Good points about Hendo's striking, but I think you guys are underestimating the disparity on the feet between the two. Hendo brawls, is predictable. Shogun at his peak is one of the best in MMA. While I do think Hendo can KO Shogun, I don't know if he can land that overhand right.

Shogun also has a better ground game, and great bottom escapes. He'll need them, but Hendo isn't exactly renowned for his top control.


"Hendo survived Fedor." I chuckled at that. Is it any wonder how badly most of the Pride guys are doing in the UFC? How inconsistant they quickly became? Based on past performances, injuries, and a slight bias, I'm going with Hendo. I won't hold the Shields debacle against Hendo, as I consider that a severe fluke. Much like GSP/Serra 1.

With Shogun's constant knee problems, I don't see him whipping those legs kicks much.

Belfort/Le is a very interesting matchup.


Belfort out, Wandy in. It never ceases to surprise me why does Wandy want to subject himself to all this beating and a braindamage that is to follow sooner or later if he keeps on going. Should've retired after the Leben fight :frowning:


shit, now i'm torn, i love wand, but Cung Le style is awesome.

Wandy, please don't get retarded =(


Hendo is a great wrestler but do you think he can survive Rua's Jiu-Jitsu?


I haven't seen Shogun's bjj in a long time and Hendo hold up very well against accomplished bjj'ers like Toquinho, Shields, Babalu, Bustamante, Carlos Newton and even in the fight against Murilo Ninja(which in my opinion he lost)

Most Bjj i've seen from Shogun since he came to UFC is that he likes to go for the leg lock instead of the suplex whenever he got the back while standing.

He tried with Chuck Liddell, Lyoto, Jones.


Shogun takes it as long as he doesn't come in injured. Should be a good fight. What happened to Fedor was kind of a freak occurrence. The only reason Henderson lost against Shields was because his back was injured in that fight. That's why he just laid there for most of the fight not really trying to escape.


lol i don't buy that "back was injured" he out-punched himself


I remember one of the commentators saying he talked to Henderson and that he told him his back was hurt. This was during the event before the fight started. Hell he didn't even try to hip escape or anything. He just went back and forth from laying on his back to giving Shields his back if I remember the fight right. He wasn't even able to fight the takedown. A back injury will do that to you.


Pretty much. For reference, look at Hendo vs. Rampage, then look at Hendo vs. Shields. Nuff said.


I've been searching like crazy Hendo VS Rampage but i can't seem to find the torrent for that event with good seeders =(