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Shoes When Lifting


hey guys do what shoes u wear play a big part in squatting or deadlifting? i have bball shoes and vans...i guess the vans would be good cuz they are pretty flat...what do u guys think?


nike free oder converse chucks all-star

get either the free 5.0 or the 7.0 trainer


Adidas Adistar's for squatting and high top cons for deadliftng and benching for me.


I got converse kiro for deadlifts and wide stance squats, and a pair of Adidas Ironworks II for everything else.


If you are squatting Powerlifting style, then Chuck Norris cons got you covered for both the dead and squat.

If your doing ass-to-the-grass Olympic style lifting I wear the Adidas Ironworks for that but put on either the Cons or a pair of ballet slippers for the deads. And yes, I only put on the ballet slippers when I do deads at Home, not the gym. I wouldn't want anybody getting the wrong idea :slightly_smiling:


Chuck Norris makes shoes too! Damn! That man can do it all. (I know, you meant Chuck Taylors) :slight_smile:


Chucks all the way


I deadlift barefoot and use DoWins for everything else.


That's pretty funny.




Karate expert, actor and shoemaker. He can make the shoes he kicks your ass with. Talk about multi-talented! :slightly_smiling:


I like Vans to squat in. Just like Chucks, but sturdier. I'm thinking about buying a pair of Do-Wins though.


everyone I know that has do-wins love them.

I just was browsing the werksan site and they are selling them for mad cheap, well cheap for OL shoes.

www.werksan.com for anyone who is interested.


The vast majority of powerlifters I train, train with, or just know squat in a heeled squat shoe so I guess I am kind of struggling with what "squatting Powerlifting style" means to you?

My input would be squat or Oly shoes for squatting and wrestling shoes with a slight ramp for pulling.


That is a good price. Thanks for pointing that out I haven't checked werksan out in a while...got two lifters that need shoes.


Adidas lifting shoes for olys and snatch dls off a platform.

Squats & DLs barefoot ( I lift at home).

All other gym stuff incl. strongman (except truck pull) is in Adidas Sambas.


are vans okay though?


Vans are pretty good. Just tie em, not like the kids who skate with them without tying them.

I use VS Athletics shoes for squatting, and Asics wrestling shoes for everything else. I also try to sqaut once or twice a week in the Asics. its harder.

check out this link:




Chuck Taylor's for sq, and slippers for dl...Never did it any other way...


Until recent gym requirements, I squatted and DLed barefoot. Most excellent.

Now, I wear Chuck Taylors. Not bad.