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Shoes To Lift And Run


Im looking for a pair of shoes that will work for both lifting and running. I play D3 football and in our offseason workouts we do agility work during the lifting session, and run right after. I have a pair of lifting shoes, but cant run in them, and a pair of running shoes. I realize that one pair of shoes wont be ideal, but any ideas as to what kind will work best?


I have finally found a pair that I can do everything in......a pair of Merrell Trail Runners. Good support while squatting, comfy and supportive while trail jogging and chain dragging. Got them in Modell's for less than $35.00 at the time. I hate Nike Air Soles...they compress too much when I squat heavy and throw my form/balance/groove off. Good luck in finding just the right pair for you.
Art Margulies


big dirk,
i love the nike astro grabbers (i don't know if they're call that but the ones you use on carpet turf). you can do everything in those, heel is flat and its good for running too.

where you play ball at? i play at case western in cleveland just to let ya know. good luck


get a decent pair of cross trainers


A good pair of New Balance cross trainers would be okay - Army boots are pretty good too. Fairly lightweight with good support all around.



amirando 9- i play at the university of rochester.

Any specific ideas on cross trainers that anyone has previously used.

We now only do a little warm up (2 of 3 of the following: dots, jump rope, agility ladder), and then do some agility at the end, so Id like a shoe thats a better lifting shoe than a running shoe, but not something like a converse all star, ie something that isnt hard as rock, but with just a little cushion so I dont destroy my knees.