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Shoes: Roamleos vs Do-Win?


i friends,

I have already asked the oly lifters, but I thought it may be best to ask my fellow powerlifters as well.

I am making this decision today and I need your help.

I am ordering some olympic lifting shoes for squatting(I have long legs and poor ankle flexibility), which I plan to use only for squatting. My goals are strength.

I have a choice between the Do-Wins and Romaleos. Obviously the Do-wins are cheaper, and the only colour available to me at the moment in the Romaleos are the volt yellow which is a bit bright for me. However if the Romaleos are a significant better shoe I am willing to spend the extra cash on the them and just put up with the colour.

Is there any significant difference between the two shoes?



I lifted in Ristos for a couple years, and do-wins, and i think that my romaleo's are so much more solid. I would suggest the romaleos if you have the money. very solid. also the volt yellow's are sooo fashionable and i know that's probably what you're looking for!


I have a pair of nike romaleos 2 theyre awesome.

They are solid.

But really i wish i woudve bought the do wins my friend has a pair and only squats in them i tried them on and the difference isnt much.

Personally get the do wins if you are only doing squats in them.

If you are gonna be doing cleans nd other oly lifts get the romaleos

If you are doing just squats in them take them off and change back into your other shoes for the rest of your sets

So romaleos for squats plus olymic lifts

Do wins for just squats


On the other hand the Nikes are made better and will likely last longer its really up to you.

Buy do wins if you want them to lasy 6 months to a year

Or make an investment in nike if you want 2-5 years outta them


Have you tried rouge fitness for the romaleos?


They have them from 6.5 to 14.... lol in black and white.


Im getting them from an Australian website so I dont have to wait weeks to get them.



Adipowers over everythingggg


I've got a pair of Do-Win Rogues, and they're still fine after 2 years and hundreds of training sessions.


Long time no speak, my old friend. How are you doing?

Another quick question for everyone: is there any difference in heel lift between the 2 shoes??



Just got mine last week. Everything is so stable It's like they gave me the wolverine surgery and put steel rods in my legs.


Yep. I've had my do-win's for 1.5 years, with no noticeable wear and tear. They were a fantastic investment, IMHO.