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Shoes for Running

hey i was wondering what shoes you guys use for running and or sled training. Basically any type of conditioning training?

I like new balance

Asics. Basically any running shoe with good cushioning.

so mostly shoes with flat bottoms are not optimal?

I wear my fivefingers for everything, even track intervals. I don’t do much distance running though.

I am interested as well. I am doing valet as a 2nd job for now and need a good pair of shoes to run in.

running shoes

If you’re going to be actually running in your running shoes it’s worth going to a store that has someone trained to know what shoes would be best for you.

Or do some research online and find out what would be best.

Go barefoot. There is no better.

I go for asics, but no shoes are good enough. Get your hands on some orthotic insoles.

I’ve got these.


Nike free soles, very light.

saucony is a great running shoe

I use Puma H Streets

Okay, ex-cross-country kid here to tell you all you need to know.

No flat soles. Ever. This is a safety issue. You can ruin your ankles so bad if you try to run in shoes that are not designed for running. Cross-trainers: no. Chucks: no. You need actual running shoes. Also, they actually need to be replaced – every 300-500 miles. Old shoes are almost as bad for your joints as incorrect shoes.

Asics, Saucony, New Balance are pretty much the classic brands. There used to be a superstition against Nike, but I’m not sure why – I’ve run in Nikes to no ill effect. If you run in the woods or on trails, you could look at trail running shoes, which are reinforced for better durability. You don’t have to spend a lot, but I’ve never found decent shoes for less than $45.

Advanced stuff: the more you overpronate, the more support you need. (Overpronating is rolling your feet out when you run – that is, you land on the inside (medial) of your foot and roll to the outside (lateral.)) A good running store can take care of this; if you don’t have one, do some common-sense guessing for yourself.