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Shoes for Powerlifting


I am curently using chucks but i feel like i need more ankle and calf support and have been getting intense pains lately hitting 400+ for sets of 5

i am a close stance squater

i am curently looking into the otomix shoes because i have heard good things.... my question is which otomix would be appropriate for pl i am torn between the poer trainer and the ultimate trainer

any help or recomendations would be appreciated


If you're a close stance squatter, you may want to give the raised heel Oly lifting shoes a try. I started wearing them at the start of my Smolov cycle and my form/technique has never felt better.


You could try this as well: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/yoga_yes_yoga_for_big_bastards

The "Hero Pose" will work wonders on your ankle mobility if you're experiencing pain/discomfort in that department.


I second the idea of olympic shoes, or something with a raised heel.


Awesome thanks for this - I've been doing a lot of hip mobility stretches exercise and its done wonders for my squat strength. A couple of those "poses" i've actually been doing without knowing its really something that has a name or that other people would actually consider doing. The prayer squat has to be favorite and has the played the biggest part in getting me in the correct form at the bottom of my squats.

Sorry to interject, I too was looking for some better lifting shoes


NP man. These yoga stretches are really great. My chiropractor is no longer sucking money out of my pocket because of this article, haha. Really helped me get over my lower back injury and also really helps with overall lower body flexibility. Squatting good and deep has never been easier :slight_smile:


" The best options are dedicated squat shoes like the ones I wear from Inzer (different options are available from other powerlifting companies). These squat shoes are flat-soled and provide good ankle support. They're pricey but last a long time." - Andy Bolton


The shoes may help the pain but you would only be masking a problem not correcting it. Squatting, or any basic human movement shouldn't cause pain. I haven't seen you squat so I have no idea but I would assume, since you squat with a close stance, that you are comprimising your ankle stability in order to hit depth. In other words, your knees are going way the hell forward due to a significant degree of movement in your ankle. I wouldnt be surprised if your heels came up too. Anyway, work on your ankle, hip external/internal rotation, and hamstring mobility and you probably won't need 3 billion dollar weightlifting shoes.


Completely agree. I was getting stronger but realized I was having trouble putting on my socks and realized I had really neglected the flexibility issue. So I took a couple steps back in weight, focused heavily on developing better flexibility, and now have drastically surpassed my previous squats weights. Plus I like not being out of breath after trying to clip my toe nails.

This was the video that I based a lot of my stretching and hip mobility stuff around... somebody posted it on a thread here before but I think its worth it again


i stretch every night and can come very close to doing the splits have very good hip flexion and can put my hands flat on the ground when stansing staight legs and be fairly comfortable my calf flxibility is decent


Every one of your answers kicks major ass, sarcastic or not.



With close stance, I would recommend good squat shoes, just because squat shoes are awesome (bc of heal), although I do like to squat el natural. The other things is I do DeFranco's Agile 8 every morning.


Those are good things to be able to do but they have nothing to do with squatting mobility/stability. Like I said, it sounds like your ankle STABILITY is being comprimised. Which actually can happen from being too flexable (not mobile).


Nike Romaleos


This is nike's version of the powerlifitng shoe. I do not own them, and do not have an opinion whether they are good or bad. I just wanted to post these as an option for you to look into.


I agree with this as well.


I just got me a pair of rogue fitness do-wins and love em