Shoes for Lifting

I’ve been lifting in running shoes so far, I know it’s not the best but it’s what I had.

Time to get some new shoes and wanted to know a quick few things.

Already read that chucks are good enough (did a search), but quick question. Are wrestling shoes better than chucks or should I just get chucks to lift in?


If you were to drop on a pair of sport specific shoes, why not just buy ones that are for the activity your involved in? i.e. squat shoes… Go for the double win and get the chucks.

You can lift AND run in running shoes but you can only lift and look retro in chucks.

Why don’t you just get another pair of running shoes?

Unless you are pulling more than me, then whatever i say really shouldn’t affect you.

Not to highjack the thread but is it fine to lift barefoot ?

I was lifting with running shoes but then read loose shoes are best, but i dont own any and figured barefoot would be maybe better so ive been lifting in sandals or barefoot. Haven’t had any problems.

Barefoot is better.

Sandals can slip.