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Shoes for Lifting? Nike Romaleos?


OK, I'm still a newb but I was thinking that as I get more serious about lifting, I would buy a pair of weight lifting shoes, as long as they aren't chucks. I was really looking at the Romaleos, because they are down to $130, my parents will prob by them for me, and well, I'm a whore for pretty Nike products.

I really want to get into olympic lifting, but haven't been able to find a reliable coach in the columbus area to help me train, so I just do lower weight versions with my (probably terrible) form.

However, I have been squatting/dlifting/pressing/benching/rowing a lot, would these shoes offer any advantage over any other random shoe? Specifically about squatting? I mean, if these shoes were great for oly lifting AND weight training, were reliable and would last me quite a bit of time, and were pretty, I'd pretty much be sold

Any comments on these shoes or any other models that you recommend?


i have seen a lot of people like to lift in chuck taylors.


there's nothing wrong with chucks.

Personally I wouldnt do the olympic lifts unless you can get proper coaching, you can injure yourself far too easily.

IF you want proper lifting shoes look into

Adidas Ironwork
Adidas Adistar weightlifting shoes
or the Do-Win weightlifting shoe


It seems to have a significantly elevated heel, like other lifting shoes. Which would be be good for squats and a disaster for deads, no?


Very true, but you are allowed two pairs of lifting shoes....deadlift in chucks, squat with heels.....Or forget them both and do it all in socks/barefeet


BULLSHIT! nothing wrong with teaching yourself OLY's


I just got myself a pair of chucks and am absolutely loving them, even for squats...


chucks are like $35. go with them. plus they are cool to wear around when not lifting.


So Nike Romaleos are BAD for deadlifting? Is there anything else I should know(are they bad for anything else)? Why would they be bad for deadlifting?

I can't go barefoot/socks in my gym



Go with chucks, one size too big


Of course there's nothing wrong with teaching yourself but people get far too keen loading up the bar far too quickley without concentrating on form and they hurt themselves, a coach keeps you lifting correctly and consistantly so you dont go silly. If you can keep your ego in check, sure go teach yourself... most people, however, cant and thats where the problem lies.


I lift in Chucks one of the best things to lift in. On deads they let me push the floor apart and down which is good. But for squats chucks are your best bet aswell, shoes with heels usually push you foward which you don't want to happen, because you want your knees to stay inline with your toes. Hope i helped but i'm doubtful me telling you to save $100 isn't going to make a difference.



I'll jump in here with a quick comment because i've just switched from chucks to weightlifting shoes (Adidas Ironworks) and also started getting Oly coaching.

On the shoes i think you just have to accept that you'll use different shoes for different things. If you want to learn the oly lifts then weightlifting shoes are the way to go. They provide the stability and lift that you need to get in the hole quick and keep the weight balanced. I did oly's in chucks for about a year on my own and when i switched to the weightifting shoes things improved noticably.

Having said that, other than the oly lifts you can (and should) do everything else barefoot. When you can't go barefoot, go with the chucks (or Vibram Five Fingers). Each shoe has it's purpose so you should use it for that purpose.

As far as coaching is concerned nothing can replace a good experienced coach. if you can't find a good coach find other lifters. failing that take video's of yourself, study them and compare them to good examples on the net.

Check out the USA weightlifting site. On the Club info spreadsheet it looks like there is a coach in Columbus: http://weightlifting.teamusa.org/content/index/1808

Gayle Hatch also has good videos on O' Lifts: http://thehatchdome.com/

I only say all of this becuase in the last 3 months i've ditched the chucks for wieghtlifting shoes, started training everything other than the core oly lifts "barefoot" (Vibram Five Fingers), got oly coaching and started lifting with guys that are waaaay stronger than me. All this has helped shoot past plateaus and hit PR's almost on a weekly basis.

Good luck bro!



Do most gyms let you lift barefoot? I mean I feel like that would just be so weird if I did that - I go to ohio state and lift at the rpac - I'm not even sure I mean maybe it could be allowed? I wouldn't even know who to ask.

I did want to take up oly lifting this summer actually - I have tried it a few times but probably with my disastrous, so I was literally thinking of going to the local weightlifting club. Problem is this summer I really wanted to bulk and try and put on some serious weight, would doing some oly lifts help with things or should I just do a lot of squats and deadlifts(that I SUCK at, need to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can pull more weight)?


Just do it. Lift with barefeet see if they say anything, if they don't continue and watch your feet grow.
I'm a powerlifter thats why i recommended chucks, but different shoes have different uses.


Barefeet rocks! But, I admit, squating (especially front squating) is a nightmare, but you get used to it.


you get used to it though. My worst one was deadlifting sumo in bare feet dropped the BB on my big toe kinda hurt.
Maybe an idea is to film yourself doing squats/ deadlifts and we can easily help you with form. As a starting program i'd suggest ripptoe's starting strength, try to add lots of pull ups ad push ups. You'll pack on mass like theres no tomorow. Remeber to eat clean aswell (coming from a fat shit like me thats priceless)


Just slip off your shoes when you do deads or squats. You can wear shoes when you do your upper body work. To really see the difference btwn barefoot and shoe training try to do a pistol squat (single leg squat)and single leg romanian deadlift. These really force your feet to 'grab' the ground with your toes and force the weight into your heel. this will directly translate to your squats and deads. Eric Cressey advocates that all his clients warm up barefoot for these reasons.

Oh and you can wear socks. its the same as being barefoot and you're less likely to get booted from a gym for spreading your nasty ass athletes foot around!

Oh and i put off learning O lifts so that i could 'bulk' for ages. i'm an idiot. O lifting is a skill. the sooner you learn the better. You will get wicked strong which makes packing on the muscle simply a matter of increasing volume and adding a few exercises and eating more. Look at olympic lifters. some of those dudes are jacked AND strong. if you train like them, eat like them, then you will look like them.


Just to weigh in from a different point of view here...as everyone else has said just from a general weight training point of view you don't need weightlifting shoes. Something like chucks or vibrams are great. However if you have decided to get into weightlifting definitely go for the Romaleos.

For the olympic lifts proper shoes make a world of difference, and while it would be much better to get a coach, it is possible to teach yourself. I was originally self taught and got to a high standard before receiving any coaching input, I now train other weightlifters. Additionally if you want to get into weightlifting not only is it ok to deadlift in the Romaleos, it is probably advisable. Deadlifting with a heel changes the movement slightly, and for an olympic lifter makes the lift much more applicable to the clean and snatch.

Finally Nike Romaleos are absolutely fantastic shoes, most people find them far better than any of the adidas models or other cheaper brands. They have also been out of production for quite a while now and are very hard to find so if you have access to a pair in the right size I say go for it!

If you want any advice on teaching yourself the lifts shoot me a PM.


I would say get both a O-lifting shoe and chucks. I do all my weight training in the OL shoes and all my conditioning/skipping in the chucks. five fingers are nice but not necessary for the beginner trainee at their cost of $80. I wouldnt get the nike O lifting shoes because they wear down fast. Go for one of the addidas brands. The nikes are also super narrow shoe fit.

But if you're going to Olift then get the right shoes. I OL in chucks for my first 3/4 of a year and it was good but i could have got a lot more out of it with real shoes.

Olift shoes are fine for DLing in most cases. You just get used to the mechanics of elevated heel drive. If you are a comp PLer though It would make sense to switch to chucks for the extra poundage. But for a non comp lifter the OL shoes are great. I have polish ones and they fit my fat feet great.