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Shoes For Leg Day

What shoes do you recommend for leg day???

i’ve read and seen the old school chuck taylors are good. they are flat and therefore you can transfer more power throughout your sole then with uneven, heeled shoes.

also, i’ve tried them with deadlifts and they seem to prevent me from leaning onto my toes as much.

The flatter the sole, the better. Chucks are awesome.

I read Louie Simmons recommended Chucks…I saw pics of the Westside guys in comp and sure enough they where wearing Chucks. Impressive considering that they could probably get those really expensive squat shoes for free.

oh yeah if your looking for something a little more colorful…Jared you mind posting some pics of your workout shoes?

Old school chucks or jungle boots. you can get them cheap at thesportsmansguide.com for like $20.00



At the risk of getting flamed - whatever happened to Otomix? Otomix were supposed to be the best workout shoes ever. I haven’t seen anybody wearing them in a while, nor have I read anything about them either. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to them.

Why jungle boots are they flat?..I might get those for work.
Thanks for the hint

I squat sans shoes. I think it prevents leaning forward on the toes, and I explain it to those who ask thusly:
“Nature spent millions of years designing my feet to be load-bearing; Nike spent thousands of dollars designing shoes that you would buy. I know who I trust.”

Technically, I’m breaking a rule in my gym every time I squat shoeless, but no one has thrown me out yet. The only other guy who does leg work in my usual time slot has started squatting shoeless, and he likes it.

I just covered this in “Cressey’s Bag of Tricks.”

The old, flat style TEVA’s are the perfect workout shoe.