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Shoes and Calves


Every time I do any type of calf raise, my sneakers tend to slip out on the machines. Can anyone reccommend a good pair of sneakers to remedy this problem?


Shoelaces are useful...


Whenever I work my legs, particularly with calves, I wear shoes that fall under the category of "cross trainers."
They're nice and wide and very good traction. I avoid running/tennis shoes.



i have heard that you should wear older shoes, as the repetitive flexing under weight will wear out new shoes. I have also experienced that when the shoe flexs more easily- more broken in- it works better


Try ditching the shoes completely. I used to experience your same problem, and taking a cue from the great Arnold, I now go shoe-less when it comes time for calf raise movements. It gives me a range of motion and peak contraction that I could never get with shoes on.

This being said, I understand that this practice may be acceptable at some gyms and not at others, but I personally recommend giving it a try.


I'll definately look into cross trainers
And OllyB, your sarcastic comment is not appreciated!