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Shoe Question


I'm buying my first pair of weightlifting shoes (currently using chucks and sambas) and was wondering what my best option would be.

I'd really like a pair of nike romaleos (my feet are made for Nike shoes) and have located a company with my size in stock (this was very difficult); however, I'm hesitant to buy them, since I've heard that a new nike weightlifting shoe is going to be introduced sometime later this year (or early 2012). It may be kind of stupid to drop $200 on a nike shoe that is about to be replaced.

What I would like to do is buy a cheap pair of weightlifting shoes and wait for the new nike shoe to come out, but it doesn't seem like such a cheap (but decent) pair of shoes exist. The VS dynamos would work, but the high heel height is a turn off. The next tier (in price) would be the do wins or adidas power perfect II; I'm leaning towards the latter.

Any suggestions? Thanks



There's a few cheap ones reviewed on this site. The thunder ones looked like the best deal for what it was worth. I ended up going with Pendlay 2010s myself though.


Thanks for the link. You're right; those thunder shoes look perfect for my situation. Unfortunately, they are sold out. I'll have to give the company a call tomorrow and see if they expect any new shipments (or have some laying around).

How do you like your do wins? Did you notice any quality control problems? The price on the 2010 line is highly appealing.


They are pretty good. The sizing matched my typical shoe size, and everything seems good. I don't take them out of my bag unless I'm going to lift and won't wear them outside. Plus I'm not an OL, I just prefer them for my standing movements, so there's not a lot of jump and catch in my life right now. That said, they do seem fairly durable for pleather.