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Shoe Lift for Actual Leg Length Discrepancy


I wanted to get some thoughts about a shoe lift. I got adjusted today by my chiro and even when my pelvis was aligned my right leg was still shorter. Should I focus on more stretching? Or should I wear a lift? To me the lift feels uncomfortable and weird. Most of the problem in there manifests itself with hip flexor pain. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


The chiro should be able to do some specific measurements to see if the leg is truly anatomically short or if it is a really stubborn functional deficiency. If it is truly anatomically short, my opinion is that some sort of lift is very appropriate. I like to have the shoe on that side built up by a professional. If it is functional, the water is a little muddier. A heel lift may be appropriate short-term IF you are working on the underlying cause in the meantime.


supposedly nearly everyone has some some sort of leg length discrepancy. Key is if you are feeling pain or a nagging pain coming on. Then I would get it. If you don't feel pain then don't get it, more than likely it's happened slowly over time and your hip and leg muscles have adjusted to the difference.