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Shocking Truth On Syria


Is there ANY better not "bought and paid for"
Reporter than Mr. Swann? I think not.
If there are, I sure don't know where they're all
at because he cuts the fucking mustard in this 9 minute masterpiece...WHY haven't
we heard this from the mainstream media?...this blew my mind,
and if 'they' get full control of Syria while U.S. Media demonizes Assad
here, we are potentially in big trouble HERE down the road more than we realize.
the Vid's around 7 weeks old or so...no matter, 'still very relevant and fucking scary.


I haven't been following this whole Syria thing too closely. Why does the U.S. give a shit about Syria?


Well you obviously didn't see the fucking video did ya?...Geez Louise Man you fucking Canucks
need to grow a fucking brain up there, and if it wasn't for the fact that I love the band
RUSH so much, I'd tell all you people up there to take a hike to the Northern Territory
so you can get eaten by the fuckin' Grizzlies.


My understanding was to put pressure on Iran just not directly? As Iran has been pushing OPEC to move away from the dollar. Or am I just nuts?


Main reasonis is oil(Iraq,Lybia), Syrian president Assad is closer to Russia, and because of that America is supporting the rebels.


Keep your tampon in, princess; I watched the video. It doesn't say anything about why the U.S. cares about what happens to Syria either way. Why fund the rebels if it empowers Al Qaeda? Why not fund the Syrian government? Why get involved at all in the first place?


Because we're the USA Man....We need to get involved in everything, BTW Christians felt SAFE in Syria before all
this shit in comparison to other Muslim Countries...watch the vid with info the media is NOT telling you about
This is a WHOLE other type of conflict that just may really spark Global Conflict and economic meltdown...this is DIFFERENT
no matter how SAME it looks on the surface.