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Shocking Legs?!

Hey, I know a few people who shocked their legs to increase their vertical jump. I know that Steve Francis did it hes an NBA player. Does any one know how they do it. I was just curious about I do not intend on doing it. All I know is that you put like electrodes on your legs and they like burn but its bad for your knees due to the impact when you land… does any body know about this stuff???

That is usually used for rehab/prehab type stuff but anyhow look it up on google. Its called EMS for electronic muscle stimulation. The electrode doesn’t burn the muscle, it runs a very slight current through it which signals the muscle to contract. They run at certain frequencies so the contractions are rhythmic.

The only real value that EMS would be increasing muscle recruitment. You can’t do this with a portable “TENS” unit though, you need to so it with a full size E-Stim machine. TENS units are for recovery and pain.

Unless you have some serious recruitment problems, you’d be better off with plyometric work.